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Tualatin Chamber Member Highlight -ITfiniti

Tell me about how your business got started.
Tyler Kuch may be a familiar name to many of you for a few reasons. For one, Tyler was a former business owner who actively participated in our Tualatin Chamber many years ago. Another reason may be that he has performed work for you under his new company called ITFiniti or his former business. He also may be someone you have met in passing or through friends in the community because his family has lived and worked in Tualatin for many years. Finally, you might know his name because of the incredible survival story of his younger brother, Kyle, who graduated from our Tualatin High School in 2014, which was published in Tualatin Life Magazine. Now you may be asking, ‘what does that have to do with the story of how Tyler came to develop his new business, ITFiniti?’ As it turns out, these two stories are more connected than you think.

Tyler Kuch has held many different careers in IT over the past 12 years. As a former business owner with a storefront in Milwaukie for PC repair, he knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up.
“I started my first business when I was 16,” Tyler says proudly. “Very early on I knew that I wanted to be in business, be an entrepreneur, and be in technology.”

Eventually, Tyler moved on from his Milwaukie-based business, but technology was always in his blood, so he eventually found his way back to the industry as a Help Desk associate for a local tech manufacturing company. It was there that Tyler worked his way up to becoming the company’s IT manager, where he saw how many small businesses could fall into inefficiencies around their technology.
“It was there that I found what I love doing the most,” says Tyler. “Being able to find creative solutions to those challenges… and craft the right choices for their strategy.”

Having become extremely versed in IT structure and technical leadership, Tyler started to focus on the bigger picture for these small businesses on what steps could be taken to maximize efficiency and save untold amounts of lost revenue. Within 6 months, Tyler had worked to discover about $100,000 per year in recurring IT costs that could be cut or optimized for his employer. This information had such a positive impact on his employer, a lightbulb went off in Tyler’s head. He realized that as a consultant he could provide that same strategic, creative expertise to other small businesses who may be struggling with IT costs. By maximizing the efficiency of their existing technology and developing creative strategies to build long-term, efficient infrastructure, he could help these businesses grow and thrive with revenue that may have been left on the table for years.
“I kind of thought that rather than just being an employee making tiny improvements here and there, as a consultant I could make a bigger impact that would really help people,” Tyler says.

This lightbulb moment was certainly the spark that started Tyler on the path to creating ITFiniti, however, it was the story surrounding his younger brother Kyle that drove him to succeed. I highly recommend you read the following article on how Kyle, Tyler, and the Kuch Family were confronted with tragedy and found themselves uplifted and surrounded with support from our Tualatin community:

It was Tyler’s experience through this heartbreaking event that drove him to create a company that would serve to help other businesses grow stronger through his work. He believes in supporting the community around him, and through ITFiniti he can do just that.

To learn more about Tyler Kuch and what ITFiniti can do for your business, click HERE or visit

What problem does your product or service solve?
“The average small business wastes 91 working hours and $11,000 to IT issues and inefficient communication, each employee, every year,” explains Tyler. “While many companies have solid IT foundations… I saw an unfilled niche where there wasn’t a consultancy that came in to complement what already exists, instead of replacing it.”
It is with this focus that Tyler created ITfiniti. His goal is to serve as a second opinion, working to supplement your existing IT structure, but with a strategic plan to help your business exceed its standard operating costs and efficiencies.

What is your business philosophy?
“I would say my business philosophy is the same as my personal one,” Tyler shares, “which is all the wealth and power in the world doesn’t matter if no one comes to your funeral.”
He continues, “ I consider ITfiniti as an extension of my own desire to leave my small patch of the world better than I found it, and to help improve the lives of those around me, my family, my friends, and my community.”

How does your business give back to the community?
Tyler grew up in the Tualatin community for most of his young life. His passion is to support the members of our community and give back some of the very same people who so positively impacted the lives of him and his family years ago. He is currently a member of the Tualatin Rotary and volunteers for the City of Tualatin and the Tualatin Heritage Center. He also donates a percentage of his time and expertise to local non-profits and other charitable organizations.
In the past, Tyler used his former business to support additional community efforts, so he is looking for the same opportunities with ITFiniti as it continues to grow.

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?
“I remember vividly how the Tualatin community really came through for my family when we needed help most, and so I would say thanks to the community for being such a great place to be! I look forward to helping you soon!”

Article Compliments of Caitlyn Q.
Director of Member Services, Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

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