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Chamber Staff are here to serve your business and help visitors discover the many great places to eat, shop, stay, and play.
Anneleah Jaxen-Tualatin Chamber CEO

Anneleah Jaxen


The Chief Executive Officer of a non-profit business league is the leader and manager of the organization and the public face of the Chamber. The CEO makes sure the organization stays in compliance with all laws, the operation is running well, financials are sound, programs are developed, and the policies the Board of Directors set are followed.

Anneleah Jaxen began her career in healthcare marketing and quickly transitioned into executive management. Through the years she has directed corporate, non-profit, and city government organizations. Her favorite work is “start up” and “turn around” projects. 

Anneleah’s philosophy is summed up by her favorite quote by Michelangelo,
“The great danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and reach it.”
Ron Le Vine

Ron Le Vine

Interim Administrative Assistant


Organization Support Team

Daniel Lacy-DR CarCast-Ambassador

Daniel Lacy

Editor in Chief and Podcaster of

The Editor in Chief is a research journalist who finds articles and researches them to assure that the information is correct, relevant, and the sources credible. The articles are then presented to the public. Our Editor in Chief also happens to be a Professional Broadcast journalist with his own podcast about all things automotive, “DR Car Cast,” so it was a natural for him to also create a podcast for Oregon Tolling Updates.

Daniel Lacy has an extensive background in auto racing as a driver, official, and as an announcer. Sales and marketing also filled his professional life. Daniel has always loved supporting others by providing encouragement and leads for helping them achieve success.

His favorite quote is:
“Keeping your eyes on the apex will help you accelerate faster to your goals.”

Will Burton

Business Development Specialist

The Business Development Specialist at the Tualatin Chamber is the professional who makes contact with all current members to encourage their participation and check on their satisfaction with the Chamber and also reaches out to non-members to encourage them to come join us. This professional is tasked with keeping good relationships between the members and the Chamber and initiates business to business referrals whenever possible.

Will Burton has a history in sales and customer satisfaction. He has excelled in coaching people on how to connect, communicate, and foster long lasting business relationships. Will loves to make connections and refer people with great ideas to like-minded talent. He has an open line for calls, texts, or emails, and hopes to talk to every member soon!

His favorite quote is:
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
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