Business Advocacy Council

The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce Business Advocacy Council (BAC) is focused on government affairs and is responsible for researching issues of importance to the business community and then making recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to respond. It may be to endorse or oppose ideas or issues, or merely to provide education for the membership to make its own decisions. They will also hold Key Leaders Series presentations up to 4 times a year to present issues and hold a forum for our members to be informed and give opinions.

The BAC tracks legislation, bills and ballot measures that affect business and the livability in our City, County and State. We track new taxes, repeals, transportation, carbon, education, housing and any issue that concerns a healthy business climate.

Our members turn to us for help in advocating on any issue they need support for running their business better.

Legislation, bills, and ballot measures are vetted through conversations with our members, partners, associations. If a new issue arises that is not already covered by our list of priorities, we follow a thorough process to determine facts, concerns and impacts to our communities. After careful consideration, it’s taken before our Board of Directors. They will then hear, discuss, and vote to take a position in support of, or opposition to legislation, bills, ballot measures or our approach to addressing the issue. Once a position is taken, we communicate it through various means of marketing and local press. Every effort is made to keep strong working relationships with our elected officials at every level of government, so that we can work on the current issues in a timely and relevant manner.

List Of Priorities:

  • Legislators seeking out cost containment.
  • Fostering a business-friendly climate relating to regulatory changes.
  • Geographically equitable distribution of public spending in relation to the source of the revenues for the spending.
  • Campaign finance restrictions that create a level playing field for all participants.
  • Encouraging legislators to ensure public testimony is required for, any and all, new laws or regulations that impede the recovery or success of business and workforce development.

In Opposition To:

  • Taxes not supported by the business community.
  • Laws or regulations that create disincentives for businesses.
  • Elimination of the small business tax cut.
  • Restricting an employer's ability to provide a safe work environment.
  • Policies that impact an employer, their volunteers and Board of Directors, regarding personal liability and exposure to litigation.
  • Carbon tax legislation that limits affordable options, that creates excessive cost burdens, or removes resources that our businesses and citizens rely on.

Our Projects:

  1. Educate and inform our members and citizens about the current plans by ODOT for tolling highways in the region. Learn more:

  2. Business advocacy for land use concerns.

All BAC meetings are open to all our members, please join us! Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month. Please check the events calendar for details.

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