Gold Member Highlight: Generator Coaching and Consulting

Tualatin Chamber Member Highlight - Generator Coaching & Consulting

Tell me about how your business got started.
Terry’s background was from clinical psychology. He focused on growth strategy, program development and communication. He grew his private psychology practice to a 6 figure business in a number of months. While there, he discovered that clients we enjoyed the most were business owners who were already driven to do more in life. They knew they needed a guide to help them with stress of relationships and business and balancing all that in their daily grind. So we restructured the business and these clients followed him as he changed to a coaching model of business. Christine comes from the corporate retail management side as 18 year veteran of Starbucks. She has a strong background in performance, productivity strategy and corporate culture. She had a unique role of rehabbed stores that were not making the goals and creating environments where customers and partners thrived. This happened with consistent goals, strategies and determination.

What problem does your product or service solve?
Generate More Profits (customized to your business’s needs)
Ditch your Stress (professional development & systems)

We’re business strategists that help business owners increase their profits, remove stress so they grow their business having more fun in record time.

What is your business Philosophy?
If you’re not having fun and making money, you’re doing it wrong! Have the experts do what they do best whether that’s tax advising, pouring concrete, designing websites, and seek us out to coach, advise and collaborate with you to grow your business.

How does your business give back to the community?
Volunteer with the Chamber to help it grow and members who join. People making more money, spend more money in the community.

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?
Continue to support the small businesses. Keep the money circulating. With all that’s going on (or not going on), every business owner needs a right now plan, a right after plan and forever plan. If you see one of these missing, book a call with us so you can increase your profits, have more fun in record time.

Dr. Terry Wager
Christine McGinley
Generator Coaching & Consulting LLC.

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