Legislative Priorities


2020 Legislative Priorities (Approved 1.31.2020)

The 2020 OSCC Legislative Priorities represents the legislative priorities of Oregon’s local business communities as represented by the 80 local Chambers of Commerce members of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce.

The OSCC is organized to give a voice to the local business communities throughout Oregon in support of policies that enable business success, job growth and income growth in each of our local communities. We believe a healthy business climate, and the jobs that such a business climate creates, is the key to building up our local communities, adequately funding social services and making our state prosperous.

The 2020 OSCC Legislative Agenda is a reflection of our collective desire to see that every Oregon community is able to grow and develop a vibrant local economy that can support each community’s needs.

For 2020, OSCC requests that the Oregon legislature stay true to the intent of the short session by keeping focused on limited policy discussions, additional expenditures afforded by our growing economy, and policy adjustments stemming from the 2019 legislative session.

The Members of the OSCC are united in support of:

  1. Increased tourism investments (HB 4047)

  2. Flexibility in administration of new CAT tax (HB 4009)

  3. Investment in affordable housing & community – OAHTC & IDAs

  4. Investment in local airports (HB 4036)

  5. Investments in higher education

  6. Investments in county fairgrounds

  7. Additional BOLI Technical Assistance for Eastern Oregon (HB 4087)

The Members of the OSCC are united in opposition to:

  1. Cap-and-Trade (SB 1530)

  2. Increasing the cost of private investment in Enterprise Zones (HB 4045)

  3. Interfering with Employer/Employee non-compete agreements (SB 1527)

  4. Unemployment benefits during labor disputes (HB 4007)

  5. Elimination of Opportunity Zones (HB 4010)

  6. Real Estate Transfer Taxes (HJR 203)

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