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Tell me about how your business got started.

Northwest Integrative Medicine opened its doors to our Tualatin community in 2015, with the mission of providing excellent, patient-centric care which recognizes that every patient’s health situation is unique. Dr. Maeghan and Dr. Stephanie Culver built their business around this vision –but that is not where their story begins.
After completing years of medical schooling, specialty training, and residency, Dr. Maeghan Culver started searching for opportunities to provide quality care the residents of Seattle. After a short while, Dr. Maeghan realized that she may not find the right fit for her practice in the land of Seahawks and Mariners. Instead, she reached out to another physician, a Portland Native, who happened to be her sister-in-law. With their medical powers combined the two built their business, Northwest Integrative Medicine, from the ground up and with a focus on delivering excellent patient-centered care for all ages.
“It wasn’t easy,” Dr. Maeghan shares, “but we are incredibly proud of our team and the service that we provide.”
Today, Dr. Maeghan and her team at NWIM (pronounced In-WIM) provide a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic options for all of their patients, including men’s and women’s health, sleep care, mental health, pediatrics, pain management, fertility support, and even in-house lab testing. The team at NWIM even creates and shares content relating to all possible issues of life and health, which you can find via their blog artfully called ‘Into the Wild’ at

You can check out Dr. Maeghan’s blog content along with other articles written by her talented team of experts by clicking HERE or visiting

What problem does your product or service solve?

What IS Naturopathic medicine? It’s probably not exactly what you think. And, in fact, it’s more likely to surprise you with solutions to many concerns that some patients may relate to standard care in the healthcare field today.
Naturopathy focuses on the prevention of disease and addressing prevalent health conditions facing most people today, all while utilizing non-invasive and natural treatments proven safe to use and have evidence-based results. At Northwest Integrative Medicine, Dr. Maeghan Culver and her team have taken this proven approach to new, incredible heights.
“We offer a one-stop-shop,” Dr Maeghan explains, “where folks can get medical care that includes both natural and pharmacologic care for a wide variety of conditions…”
At NWIM, the providers pride themselves on caring for the ‘whole patient’, meaning every aspect of your wellbeing is discussed and considered. Their new patient appointments are scheduled for no less than one hour, which means they take the time to not only get to know your health issues, they get to know you, your lifestyle, your challenges and goals, then approach your care with evidence-based treatment that is holistic and backed by proven methods.
NWIM accomplishes this by using the dynamic philosophy that recognizes the interdependence of all living things. This philosophy is defined by a series of principles whose goal is to honor the innate wisdom of the body to heal. By utilizing a blend of conventional and alternative healthcare, they aim to find and treat the underlying cause of disease in the mind, body, and spirit.
“Some think that Naturopathic medicine is some kind of hocus-pocus,” Dr. Maeghan says, “when really it’s about treating the individual person with the best possible care and educating them on their treatment, creating a better understanding and developing a partnership with their doctor.”
Dr. Maeghan and her team also work to create a haven for skilled Naturopathic physicians to grow and thrive, giving them access to the most talented providers their field has to offer whose skills continue to add value and layers of specialty care for their patients.

What is your business philosophy?

The mission of Northwest Integrative Medicine is to provide excellent primary care medicine to people of all ages, skin color, ethnicity, religion or spiritual choices, sexual identity, body size, country or origin, gender identity, or socioeconomic status, utilizing an integrative and holistic approach in alignment with the principles of Naturopathic Medicine while generating profits that support sustainable employment for our providers and staff.
Through this mission the NWIM providers and staff serve as a collaborative team, working to create an inclusive environment where every person who walks in the door will feel welcome, receive excellent care, and be able to develop a real relationship with his/her/their provider. They schedule longer office visits so that each patient has enough time to discuss issues and understand treatment plans with their doctor and respect that there are often physical, mental, and social elements that impact health.
You can easily see how NWIMs approach to primary care has so positively impacted the lives of so many members of our community by clicking HERE or visiting and reading one of their many glowing patient reviews. These testimonials are proof that the Naturopathic care that Northwest Integrative Medicine provides is valuable option for anyone in need of medical treatment.

How does your business give back to the community?

NWIM have been the medic tent providers for the Tigard-Tualatin Relay for life since 2017, one of the most cherished events of the year in Tualatin. They also host coat drives in the winter for those in need and are currently hosting a food drive for the Tualatin Food Bank where they offer discounts on purchases from the clinic Medicinary to those who donate.
“We do our best to find local organizations that are helping those in the most need,” Dr. Maeghan says caringly.

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?

“You are worthy of being not just listened to, but heard.” Dr. Maeghan continues, “Expect your physicians to treat you with compassion and care and give you the time you deserve. Your doctor should be able to discuss and clearly explain why you are taking medications and what they think is going on in your health.”

Northwest Integrative Medicine, PC
Dr. Maeghan Culver, President

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