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Tell me about how your business got started. Musimack Marketing

Marketing for broadcast television, cable television, radio, print media—Stacey McCormack had done it all.
For 20 years she had made a career out of building brands, developing effective marketing strategies, and creating compelling content for companies large and small. Her gift was in targeting the right audience for her clients using the right platforms, giving them exposure in all the right places.
But a career in the marketing world can prove uncertain at times, which was the case in 2013 when The Oregonian battled through a series of layoffs that caught Stacey in the crossfire. Although this was a time of uncertainty, Stacey used it wisely to develop her vision for the future and began to focus almost exclusively on digital marketing as a more efficient form of media. It was then in 2014 that Stacey finally took her talents and years of experience and started Musimack Marketing, passionately dedicated to helping small businesses shine in a digital world.

What problem does your product or service solve?

Musimack Marketing helps to make digital marketing more accessible for small business owners, helping them navigate its complexities and leveraging its benefits to build a strong and successful brand. They showcase their clients’ expertise by developing a strong online presence that demonstrates their virtues over the competition.
Stacey and her team don’t just offer website design & development, however. They have also established intricate processes to enhance their client’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through social media support and effective digital advertising.
Musimack Marketing’s incredible pool of talent is a force to be reckoned with in our digital age. To give you a better idea, listed below are just a few requests that Stacey and her team work to address for your business:
• Update your website with a modern look and feel
• Refresh your messaging to reflect your current business model and priorities
• Increase your website traffic
• Generate qualified leads
• Improve your reach and engagement on Social Media
• Analyze the effectiveness of your website to build an ongoing SEO strategy
“Even small businesses can make a big impression with the right marketing strategy,” Stacey says.

What is your business philosophy?

“It is no accident that we have “Marketing” in our name,” Stacey replies. “We are a marketing company first. Anyone can build you a website, but without a clear marketing strategy your website will not provide the desired results.”
This philosophy is reflected in their work for each and every client. Not only will Stacey and her team create beautiful content for your website, but they will put that content to work for you by carefully integrating their digital marketing techniques to enhance your presence with every user interaction.
“Google can’t see pretty,” Stacey laughs. “SEO is in everything we do (at Musimack Marketing), in order to build Google authority and help your website get discovered by the right audience at the right time,” she continues, “Your website needs to be effective more than it needs to be attractive.”
Stacey takes a very collaborative approach with her clients, with many face-to-face (or Zoom) meetings throughout the entire web design process. Each client is deeply involved every step of the wat, providing ongoing feedback which is critical to creating a marketing tool that truly represents their business and its unique offerings.

How does your business give back to the community?

Stacey has been a volunteer workshop facilitator at SCORE for over five years. Her three workshops include Social Media Basics for Small Business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Analytics, which are each offered multiple times throughout the year. The workshops are an important revenue source for SCORE which provides free mentoring to small business from a variety of experts across all aspects of business ownership.

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?

“Now is a great time to update and optimize your online presence,” Stacey says. “Due to COVID, many small businesses have transformed their business to a virtual model. There are many FREE marketing opportunities to improve your online visibility and increase your Google authority against your competition — with or without a website. We can show you how!”

Musimack Marketing
Stacey McCormack & David Wallace


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