Member Highlight: Edge One Media

Tell me about how your business got started.

Nicholas De Salvo started Edge One Media with his college roommate. The name was chosen based on the location of their apartment at the time, the bottom corner (edge) of the first floor (one), and so Edge One Media was born! His wife Megan had worked for Kinkos and when the merger between Kinkos-FedEx occurred, they organization decided to remove the sites’ document creation center, leaving an area of need. Megan and Nicholas realized they could then offer not only print creations for FedEx-Kinkos customers, but digital content was becoming more and more relevant, so they began focusing on digital media with great success.

Megan joined Nicholas in working together at Edge One Media 10 years ago, and since then their business and family have grown exponentially. They have two children, ages 9 and 6 whom they now school at home in fun and creative ways during our current Physical Distancing challenges. The couple has been a part of the Tualatin Chamber for over 5 years and are also active in the Tigard, Lebanon, Lake Oswego and Wilsonville Chambers.

What problem does your product or service solve?

Edge One Media is a Digital Marketing Agency. Their main focus is on re-defining brands, analyzing where they are and where they strive to be in order to position their brand as a leader in their industry. They do this through solid brand design and language consistency, strategic content, and connection to their target market through Social Media and Ad Channel Management. They have a team of experienced strategists who take a unique approach to transforming product and service brands into a more tightly focused, cohesive presentation.

What is your business philosophy?

Edge One Media’s philosophy is conducting business with a community focus. “Contributing to community service is your rent for living in the world” Nicholas says.

How does your business give back to the community?

Megan De Salvo leads the charge when it comes to Edge One Media’s approach to community service. She is not only the Board Chair for the Tigard Chamber of commerce, but until 2019 she also served as the Chair for Relay for Life, having raised a whopping $100k for the organization in her last year! Nicholas is also heavily involved with the Struble Foundation, serving as its Board Chair.

Lead by a servant’s heart and with passion for positive workplace culture, Edge One Media is a valuable and unique contribution to our business community!

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?

“Do more things that bring you joy! These days we have plenty of opportunity to fall into malaise, so take that extra time and spend it doing those fun things – dance, paint pictures, be creative! Decide how you want to succeed in life and do it with joy.”

Nicholas & Megan De Salvo, Owners
Edge One Media

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