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Tell me about how your business got started.

Dr. Adam Glaser, MD started his Tualatin Internal Medicine practice in 2017. A graduate of OHSU, he began his career in Emergency Medical Services over 25 years ago and was enlisted in the US Navy where he served at Naval Hospital and with the US Marine Corps. Dr. Glaser also worked extensively in the south metro area as a Paramedic for Woodburn Ambulance Service and Life Flight Network. Tualatin Internal Medicine hosts an incredible and diverse team of medical practitioners who come from a variety of medical backgrounds. It is this combination of caring, talented providers which create the Clinic’s detailed and focused high-standard of care they are known for.

What problem does your product or service solve?

For the last three years he and his team of medical providers have continued to serve the Tualatin community with individualized primary care, focusing on evidence-based guidelines. What does that mean? Well, that means Tualatin internal Medicine is unique for many reasons; Internal Medicine is a primary care focus for patients 18 and older. The team prides itself on treating the whole person, taking into consideration history and other factors which may have been missed elsewhere. They have the ability to treat a wide variety of issues that many places can’t address in-house, from minor wound repair and biopsies, to physical exams and chronic disease management. They will help discover the problem through a detailed collection of evidence, then treat with personal care tailored to each individual patient. Tualatin Internal Medicine values the relationships that are formed and the trust that is placed in their team.

What is your business philosophy?

Tualatin Internal Medicine is dedicated to the medical evidence and educating their patients to create a better understanding of their treatment. This combined with their personal care approach, they promise to take care of you and your health. “Our patients don’t get lost in the shuffle”, says Tualatin Internal Medicine’s Office and Billing Manager, Kathy Chaney. “We understand that there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ way to treat a patient. We work to make Tualatin Internal Medicine a Medical Home for our community with a high level of care.”

How does your business give back to the community?

The team at Tualatin Internal Medicine is always looking for new opportunities to serve and engage with their community. Their practitioners are eager to establish connections and welcome new ideas on available programs and projects.

If you could say one thing to the people of Tualatin, what would it be?

“We provide exceptional medical care with a personal touch. You will always see a physician, and your calls will always be returned. It’s that personal care that sets us apart. Let us be your Medical Home in Tualatin!”

Tualatin Internal Medicine is currently accepting patients and can establish care through Telemedicine if needed. They also offer discounts and payment plans for uninsured patients.

Adam Glaser, Owner
Kathy Chaney, Office Manager
Tualatin Internal Medicine

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