Gold Member Highlight – Jennifer Fregoso, BenefitMall Payroll Services

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today?
I have been in the payroll/HR industry for years. I took a small break in between companies but decided to come back when I got the offer from BenefitMall. They are a great company that not only takes care of their clients but also their employee’s.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your business?
I want people to know that BenefitMall cares about the level and quality of service that each of its clients receives. They are always looking out for the best for every single one of their clients. They are very tenured business and employee’s don’t leave very often to go to another company in the same industry.

What is an important lesson you have learned?
I have learned that if you put in the hard work it will come back to you in full force. It may be corny but I have also learned that I need to treat each person that I come in contact with the same way that I would want to be treated. With the upmost respect and appreciation for anything they do for me. Everyday that I wake up and take a breath is a good day and my day is what I make out of it.

Who has inspired you in your life (either professionally or personally)?
My biggest inspiration has been my father. He always told me that I can do anything I want as long as I work hard and take pride in whatever it is that I am trying to achieve. He was always the voice in my ear telling me to keep moving forward through the hard times and made me realize that even those hard times will teach me a lesson that will benefit me in the long run.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop?
I make sure that I learn something new everyday. Whether that is something in about my area of business or something in my personal life. I listen to my clients talk about their businesses and my friends about their lives. I am a true believer that you never can learn everything. Each day I wake up is an opportunity to learn something new.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
People may be surprised to learn that I was raised on a horse farm. Being a sales business woman most people don’t look at me as a country girl. Truth be told I love the outdoors and to go fishing every weekend if I can.

What about your business keeps you up at night?
Well since I don’t own a business things about my business don’t necessarily keep me up. I do have nights that I think about how I can better serve my clients and ways to represent my company the best I can.

What have you accomplished that you are proud of?
I am very proud of the fact that I have two boys that I am raising. One of which is in his second year of college and the second who is beginning 2nd grade. I have taken pride to know that I am raising a positive contributing individuals to society. Being a parent is part of what drives me each day to do the best I can for my clients and partners.

What do you perceive as the benefits you receive from Chamber membership?
I perceive that some of the benefits that I receive is a development of partnerships that will allow me help individuals grow his/her business by being able to refer over business as well as developing great networking channels. It keeps me updated in the local activity and allows me to keep informed on the new things going on the community.

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