Gold Member Highlight – Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen, Lauritzen Chiropractic

How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today?
I found Chiropractic and Functional Medicine when I was suffering from terrible migraines and a few other health related issues. I wasn’t have much success with other options. At the time I was looking into getting my PhD in Neuroscience. When I learned how amazing it is to have a hands-on effect on the nervous system I instantly knew that Chiropractic was the perfect career for me. Since then I’ve become a Functional Medicine practitioner and have been helping people heal their conditions and health related concerns with the assistance of Chiropractic and Nutrition. My days are filled with helping people. It is the best job!

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your business?
Many health conditions can be managed better with the combination of the medications that you may already be on with proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits. We take a look at the full picture of what is going on and we find the cause of your symptoms. I also work directly with you and your opinion matters. We put together a full plan that includes your preferences so that you will be successful. This isn’t a one size fits all program and we talk extensively about what’s going on so that you leave understanding yourself better, your condition and the cause of it, and the way we are going to help you heal.

What is an important lesson you have learned?
Healing takes time. I strive to get my patients feeling better as fast as possible, but I’ve also learned that it can take some time and a little patience.

Who has inspired you in your life (either professionally or personally)?
Dr Mark Hyman MD is incredibly inspiring. The work that he has done in the Functional Medicine field is outstanding. I hope to be able to help as many people as he has over the years!

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop?
I learn from my patients everyday. There are many times I go back to the books figuring out the best approach to help someone. I also love to read and have been enjoying a few books on business. In addition I continue to expand my knowledge with seminars when I can. I also subscribe to some of the major journals so that I can keep up to date with the latest research.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I’ve played piano for 20 years and it’s one of my most favorite things to do to relax.

What about your business keeps you up at night?
Mostly my patients. When something isn’t going right or I’m not getting the results I expect, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to help. It’s a commitment on the patients’ side, but I commit to them just as much as they do, so when something changes, it definitely keeps me up at night. I want to see you reach your goals as much as you want to reach them!

What have you accomplished that you are proud of?
Building this business and practice from ground zero and still having a growing practice over a year later is an accomplishment that I never would have thought I would achieve. It’s an incredible experience and I’ve met some absolutely amazing people along the way.

What do you perceive as the benefits you receive from Chamber membership?
Chamber has really taught me to learn as much as I can about other people, their businesses and to build solid, quality business relationships. I have so appreciated the referrals and working relationships I’ve made and received from Chamber members. Chamber opens doors and opportunities and it’s the people who are a part of it that really make Tualatin Chamber the best.

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