Farmington Square encourages Tualatin community to help seniors

Times Article | Created on Tuesday, 15 March 2016 11:45 | Written by Mark Miller

Spring is upon us, and as tradition has it, that means spring cleaning.

But for thousands of older residents in the Tigard-Tualatin area, it’s not always easy — or even possible — to do the sweeping, dusting, trimming, washing, weeding, mowing, planting and other tasks that people do this time of year.

Farmington Square, a senior living facility in west Tualatin, has put out what it calls “a challenge to the Tualatin community at large” urging people to help out a senior citizen in their neighborhood.

In its new “Serving Our Seniors” project, Farmington Square asks for the community’s support every quarter in doing something to help seniors, explained Executive Director Apryl Schneider. Late last year, Farmington Square held a warm clothing and blanket drive to outfit its residents for the cold weather.

Schneider said of this month’s project, “Because it’s springtime, we thought this would be a great one.”

Serving Our Seniors is aimed at increasing general awareness of and compassion toward seniors in Tualatin, Schneider explained.

“Honestly, we’re really hoping that anybody out in the community that does take that action and helps out a neighbor, they’ll post something on our Facebook page” or otherwise share their stories with Farmington Square, said Schneider.

Farmington Square is located at 17950 S.W. 115th Ave., Tualatin. Schneider said it currently serves 64 residents.

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