Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day is January 27th

Each year the IRS invites community organizations, elected officials, state and local governments, schools, employers, practitioners and industry leaders in a national grassroots effort to spotlight the Earned Income Tax Credit on EITC Awareness Day. This year marks the 11th anniversary of EITC Awareness Day, scheduled for Friday, January 27, 2017 and the second Thunderclap Media Social Campaign.

EITC Awareness Day is a joint venture between IRS and its many partners and stakeholders. The intensive media coverage helps us reach the broadest possible range of eligible taxpayers, including the underserved populations and the newly eligible taxpayers.

EITC can increase a federal tax refund from $1 to $6,269 for qualified taxpayers. IRS estimates four of five, or 80 percent, of eligible taxpayers claim and get this important credit. Help us ensure the remaining 20 percent receives the EITC they earned. EITC is a financial boost for working people and our local economy.

Thunderclap FAQs

Resources@Your Fingertips – EITC Due Diligence

Please help us support EITC Awareness Day Thunderclap effort by promoting it anytime now through Jan. 27, 2017 through your social media accounts. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also support the EITC Awareness Day Thunderclap from your personal Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler accounts.

Listed below is the link to our signup page so you can start sharing with everyone http://thndr.me/wR8wNT

I have also included an image for you to use in social media with the tweets below to help you promote our Thunderclap, so direct your members, colleagues to the thunderclap link.

You can join the #IRS Thunderclap to promote #EITC Awareness Day http://thndr.me/wR8wNT

If you don’t have the time or the resources to hold a news event, then send out a news release, write to your local newspaper, issue Resources@Your fingertips to your members and clients, while also participating in our social media campaign to help us get the word out about EITC through Twitter, Facebook and Thunderclap at http://thndr.me/wR8wNT.


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