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Why Break/Fix Is More Expensive Than Managed Services
Managed service providers (MSP) like Compass Computing Group take on 24/7 responsibility for monitoring and maintaining your computer network. They aren’t combing logs to find the reason that a server or PC crashed — they spot the problem when it starts and begin repairs immediately. Managed service providers also handle tasks that have a tendency to fall by the wayside, such as installing patches and managing backups. In short, Compass Computing Group acts proactively to make sure that your network works the way it should every day, preventing costly downtime.

Why MSP’s Are a Bargain
When comparing cost, you might be thinking, “Why should I hire someone to handle everything, when it’s so much cheaper to just pay for services when I need them?” On the surface, that logic makes sense. You don’t keep a mechanic on retainer for your car, to check it every time you go for a drive. But computer networks are different from cars, and need constant monitoring to avoid problems with security, malfunctions, and other issues.
Therefore, an MSP makes more financial sense than break/fix because:

  • MSPs find problems before they take down your network, preventing lost revenues and productivity.
  • MSPs help make sure that you are maximizing your IT investment and do not waste money on unnecessary software/hardware.
  • MSPs help prevent catastrophic problems, such as failed backups, ransomware, or malware infiltration, that may go unnoticed under the break/fix model.
  • MSP’s operate on a contract basis, meaning that you do not have to pay costly fees for diagnostics and corrective measures if things go wrong. Depending on the severity of the issue, this could result in significant savings.

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