Bob’s Auto Cafe’s Two New Scholarship Programs!

Bob’s Auto Cafe is excited to announce the creation of our TWO NEW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS: The Intern Training Fund and the Benevolent Car Care Fund.


The Intern Training Fund is a scholarship to help students gain the training and skills to secure in-demand, well-paying jobs without drowning in school debt. DONATE

The Benevolent Car Care Fund provides car care to families with qualified needs so they can get to work and daily activities in today’s mobile society. DONATE

When was the last time you went through a difficult event that gave you a clearer vision of your mission and purpose in life? We at Bob’s Auto Café have had two clarifying events occur this year, and with your help, we are dedicated to changing their outcomes in 2018.

The first occurred when an automotive technology intern, who showed excellent promise and loved working on cars, decided to cut back on automotive training hours in order to get a job and become self-supporting.  The intern’s career schedule went from a two-year program to a four-year plus program.  Hoping to beat the odds and graduate with an ASE certification without debt, the student took a hard swallow when faced with how long it was going to take.

The Oregonian reports students accumulate an average of nearly $30,000 in school debt. Fortunately, Bob’s Auto Café is here to help.  It costs Bob’s Auto Café $26,461 per year to train an intern (at no cost to them) using the Automotive Service Excellence program, recognized by virtually every automotive employer in America. Thanks to the generosity of Guild Mortgage of Oregon, the intern is now fully-funded for 2018.

Our goal for 2018 is to fully fund FOUR internships (totaling $105,844).

The good news is one internship is already fully funded, and we are almost a quarter of the way funded on the second internship. People are catching the vision and we are excited to have you join in on this scholarship as well!

Stay tuned for the story behind our Benevolent Car Care Fund!

P.S.  YES!  We still need your car donations asmuch as ever!  Repairing and selling donated cars is still our primary source of self-generated revenue to provide the infrastructure necessary to take care of our community, one car at a time.

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