Announcing Broken Brain Docu-Series

Dear Tualatin Chamber,

A practicing physician, Dr. Hyman, and 10 time NY Times best-selling author reveals how we’ve arrived at an epidemic of “broken brains”…and the surprising solutions that can help you heal. In episode one, Dr. Hyman brings together some of the world’s leading brain and health experts, to talk about the increase of broken brain syndrome. Just how bad is this epidemic? And how can you tell if you have a broken brain? Let’s find out!
Here’s the great news! We are keeping Episode One live (starting now) and we will leave it open for 48 hours instead of the original 24 hours planned. You can watch Episode One by clicking here! We will then go back to our regular schedule and Episode Two will be released on January 18, at 6:00 pm EST and will remain open for 24 hours.

Here will be the remaining schedule…
(1) The Broken Brain Epidemic / My Story (January 16 & 17)
(2) Gut Brain Connection: Getting to The Root of a Broken Brain (January 18)
(3) Losing Your Mind (Alzheimer’s, Dementia and MS) (January 19)
(4) ADHD and Autism (January 20)
(5) Depression & Anxiety (January 21)
(6) Traumatic Brain Injury: Accidents, Sports and More (January 22)
(7) 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 1) (January 23)
(8) 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 2) (January 24)

We hope you love the series! Your seat is FREE. All proceeds from any items you may elect to purchase will be donated to Tualatin Chamber of Commerce.

In Health,

Shawn McCann MD and Lawrence Nelson DC

Memory Care Clinics of Oregon

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