Health & Wellness

Our mission is to promote the sharing of health-related resources and information while providing a forum for networking and education for local traditional and alternative health care professionals.

Our purpose is to provide local health & wellness professionals with resources to expand their knowledge on the industry with presentations on health-related topics from a holistic perspective. We aim to engage the second largest industry in Tualatin and create opportunities for connections and referrals.

We look forward to learning with you!

2019 Health & Wellness Wednesdays
January 23, 2019: Summerwood Family Dental
April 24, 2019: Simple Wellness Clinic
May 22, 2019: Team Rehab of Bridgeport
June 26, 2019: AFC Urgent Care
July 24, 2019: Body in Balance Wellness Center
August 28, 2019: Boom Fitness
September 25, 2019: The Good Feet Store
October 23, 2019: Oregon Health DPC, LLC

2019 Health & Wellness Team
Health & Wellness Chair: Bill CohenCohen Caregiving Support Consultants, LLC – (503) 522-8320
Chamber Staff: Tanya Eskandari, Programs Coordinator – (503) 692-0780

Dr. Kimberly Guthrie, Body in Balance Wellness Center
Dr. Jessica Hudson, Body in Balance Wellness Center
Deborah Mager, Oregon Eye Specialists
Dr. Yusuf Mathai, Oregon Health DPC, LLC
Dr. Julie Spaniel, Summerwood Family Dental
Dr. Kyle Zabst, Team Rehab of Bridgeport