Business Acceleration Team (BAT)

The Business Acceleration Team (BAT) is a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team of business owners and professionals from the Tualatin Chamber that are committed to helping business owners help themselves to succeed in growing their businesses. In other words, “We Go to Bat for You!” They They offer structured mentoring and connections to resources for Chamber member business that are struggling in one or more areas of their business.

At a business’s request, a representative from BAT will meet with the business and present a packet of information which includes an application and a questionnaire to assess critical issues. Upon receiving the completed application, BAT will then assess if the business will be best served by the team or by providing a list of appropriate, relevant resources to address their particular challenges. If the business is accepted, the team and business will meet to discuss their current situation/challenges and recommend an action plan.

This will be a three month process, with the second month reviewing progress on the action plan, and for the third month, the business will provide a progress report for review of what is working and if any changes need to be made to continue moving forward. Follow up reports from the business to BAT will be provided for 3 more months describing what recommendations were implemented and specific impacts on the business.

The BAT Team serves businesses that meet the following qualifications –  (1) Tualatin Chamber members; (2) struggling in one or more areas of their business; (3) coachable and teachable; (4) existing operating businesses in the area for one year or more.

To apply for BAT services, please complete the attached application and one of our Team members will be in touch.
BAT Business Application

2018 BAT Team

BAT Chair: Susan NoackMeals on Wheels People – (503) 692-0780
Chamber Staff: Linda MoholtTualatin Chamber CEO – (503) 692-0780

Carrie Finnigan, Proforma Where Brands Matter
Eric Howard, The Next Phase Coaching LLC
Sue Raxter, Paws & Tails Pet Sitter