BAC (Business Advocacy Council)

To promote business growth and job development that fosters a healthy and stable economic foundation within our community. We focus our work on creating a Strong Local Economy, Workforce Development and Public Policy. Our driving principle is to create a business-friendly environment so that businesses can create jobs.

To guide in the accomplishment of this mission, four basic objectives have been established as the basis for policy decisions of this Business Advocacy Council.

  • Seek to achieve partnerships to future economic development and a healthy and positive business climate.
  • Facilitate the area’s ability to expand and enhance employment opportunities.
  • Promote the overall quality of life and standard of living for the total community.
  • Promote the rich human, natural and technological resources in our region to further enhance economic opportunities.

All BAC meetings are open to all our members, please join us! Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month, please check the calendar for details.

BAC Chairs: 
Lou Ogden, Resource Strategies Planning Group
(503) 692-0163

Public Policy Chair:
City Councilor
Robert E. Kellogg, Attorney
(503) 486-5041