Two Local Grants Available NOW!

By Kathy Bazan, BRC Consultant

1. The Washington County Grant:

  • Started accepting applications last Monday, Nov. 2.
  • Go to and scroll down to Washington County grants.
  • Since then, they have gotten 1,000 applications in 1 week.
  • This is only open to for profit businesses because there was a grant program for non-profits which ran in August and September this year.
  • The last day to apply is this Friday, Nov. 13.

2. The Metro Region Grant Program (includes Washington and Clackamas Counties)


  • Both 501 (c) 3 non-profits and for profit entities are invited to apply.
    o Your entity was either
    o Prevented from operation as directed by Executive Order 20-12 OR
    o You can demonstrate a 25% or more decline in sales during any one month from March to August (e.g., March 2019 vs. March 2020).
  • You did NOT get more than $100,000 in federal CARES funding (PPP, EIDL, etc.)

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant:

Kathy Bazan, Business Recovery Center Consultant

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