Tualatin School Needs Your Help

Dear Fellow Tualatin Community Member,

Your support means a lot to us at MITCH. Last year, the City of Tualatin approved our use of the Frontier green space to develop the MITCH Frontier Garden. With your support, we have been able to help our students make a connection to their community and the natural environment. You helped our students create a space in which they can become aware of the volatility and fragility of our environment and all of our roles in it.

This year, we need your help again. As we continue to make the MITCH Frontier Garden a reality, we want to ensure all our students can access this wonderful space.
Now, we need your help building an accessibility ramp so all students can access the MITCH Frontier Garden.

Watch what Ms. Brown, third grade teacher, has to say about MITCH and the garden: https://youtu.be/izcBpdiRrdU

Your donation of $100 or more will continue to connect our students to outstanding educational resources and experiences. Would you be willing to make a special year end donation of $50, $100, or even $500, whatever you can afford, to help us continue to raise confident, inclusive, and caring leaders?

We simply cannot do this without you. Your continued support means to the world to us.

Please click here http://mcs.k12.or.us/mitch-garden-ramp.html to make your 100% tax deductible contribution now.

Thank you for your support and friendship,

MITCH Charter School Board of Directors
You can learn more about MITCH and our mission here: mitchcharterschool.org

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