Tualatin Coworking Space

The Tualatin Chamber is currently exploring an exciting project, putting together a coworking space and new business incubator right here in town!

For many of our smaller businesses, working in their homes is not the ideal long-term option. By having a coworking space option, we think these business owners have another financially feasible alternative. Research shows that people who use coworking spaces are more effective due to the energy and mindset adjustment that is generated by the interaction and accountability that a coworking environment creates. Not to mention, it can be so much more fun!

As a new business incubator, there is an opportunity to have further support and educational opportunities available. More details will be coming soon!

We are planning on having three levels available:

  • Community Desk or Hot Seat
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Private Offices

Rough draft of the proposed layout is:


Do you think this is something that’s needed in Tualatin? Let us know your thoughts!








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