Tualatin ABC Update!

After 2 ½ years, the Tualatin ABC Community Revitalization has been submitted. This competition allowed us to align our industrial/manufacturing need for skilled workers with Tualatin’s need for creative space. Please take a look at the attached plan focused on STEAM education to see what we’ve created and what’s yet to come. This has been an amazing journey and it has forever changed conversation about creating job opportunities for our youth and skilled worked to fill the incredible jobs that exist right here in Tualatin. As Sara has mentioned, the partnerships that have formed through this process will continue long after the competition is over.

My sincere thanks goes out to all who participated in the Tualatin ABC competition and to Sara Singer for her leadership and organizational skills to keep the many volunteers on task. It was a monumental undertaking which she handled with ease!

Warm Regards,

Linda Moholt, CEO
Tualatin Chamber of Commerce
Office #503-692-0780
Cell #503-686-0878

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