TriMet Updates

Effective Sunday, July 26th, we are increasing the rider capacity on buses and trains. Buses will now carry 19 passengers, or up to 24 if there are couples or families riding together. A MAX car will carry 22 people, or up to 26 with couples and families. WES will carry 25 to 37 passengers, depending on the type of train.

This change is based on the 3-foot physical distancing guidelines for transit previously announced by Governor Brown and the Oregon Health Authority. We held off implementing 3-foot distancing until we could put in place additional safety measures:

  • Face coverings are available on all our buses and trains and hand sanitizer is available on all buses and some trains.
  • Our enhanced cleaning program is in place. We’re now cleaning every bus with disinfecting fog after it has been in service, we have additional cleaning tools like UV light, and our new team of cleaners is ready to disinfect major touch points on most buses and trains with a goal of a 4 hour interval between disinfection.
  • Face coverings are required on board and most riders are wearing them. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your mask — we have dispensers on board. Remember — small children and people who are not physically able to wear them don’t have to.

We will be updating our signs on seats to reflect the 3-foot distance guidelines.

If a bus is already at capacity, it will not pick up new passengers until someone exits. We are monitoring pass-ups and we’ll try to adjust service if buses are consistently full – and ridership remains down about 60% – but you may still want to leave extra time for your trip. Starting in August, most bus lines will resume their regular weekday schedules.




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