State Program to Help Small Business Exports Receives New Round of Funding

“Today Business Oregon announced continued funding for its matching grant program that helps Oregon small businesses engage in export activities. The agency’s application for federal funding was approved for the full request of $750,000.

‘Oregon exports hit a record $22 billion last year,” said Business Oregon director Chris Harder. “And while large companies in industries like semiconductor, machinery, and commodity products really move the needle in overall numbers, it’s small- and medium-sized firms where trade provides a terrific opportunity. That’s where we can really make a difference with our export assistance programs. Help small firms enter new markets to increase revenues, grow distribution, scale up production … all to grow their businesses here in Oregon.’

The funding is part of the US SBA’s State Trade and Export Promotion program. The matching grants can offset some of the costs associated with entering new markets such as trade show or trade mission participation, website localization, or consulting.

One recent user of the program was Preston Thompson Guitars of Sisters, Oregon. Daniel Stewart from the company recently used the state program to attend the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin:

‘We learned of several new potential dealers in Europe, and one confirmed that he would order at least six more guitars right away,” said Stewart. “The time we spent with him over both days has solidified our relationship. The trip produced about $35-45,000 in new business.’

Since 2009 Business Oregon has provided 984 exports grants to Oregon small businesses totaling $3.6 million. Companies then report back any sales revenue they immediately secure, along with expected sales to come in the near future. From the $3.6 million in grant funding, companies reported $147 million in export sales generated from their activities.

Funding is limited and companies need to meet certain criteria. Find out more and apply for funding on our website.

Contact: Nathan Buehler, 503-689-3559.”

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