Member Highlight Jan 2016: California Closets

California Closets


1. Tell me a little about your business.
California Closets is about giving time back to people.  We design custom furniture for all areas of the home, including closets, wardrobes, media centers, office areas, garages, and craft spaces.  Additionally, we have done many commercial space build-outs for boutiques, reception areas, mail rooms, salons, and more.

2. What is the most important thing you want people to know about your business?
We have an exceptionally dedicated and genuine staff.  Our team is hired for both skill and their commitment to the customer experience. We’re not perfect, but we always work together to deliver an experience that client’s rave about. We manufacture here in Tualatin, all of our employees are members of the Portland community.

3. What were some of the early successes and/or challenges in the business?
I think the biggest challenge smaller businesses can face is the transition during certain stages of growth.  Deciding when to add more staff, technology, or services to your business model.  Often you have to invest a little ahead of the profit to make sure growth doesn’t collapse your business.  On the flip side, there is also recognizing when growth is stalled or business is decreasing.  There is a challenge in where and how to best make financial cuts to accommodate those changes as well.

4. What do you perceive as the benefits you receive from Chamber membership?
We’re Chamber members because we work in this community and we understand that the Chamber is an ambassador for local businesses that are all connected. This is a relationship that we need to support in financial commitment and participation. If local businesses have one voice, like the Tualatin Chamber, we have more power to effect positive change in the community.

Darci Fredricks, Chief Culture Officer
Contact  P: 503.885.8211 Ext. 201 || F: 503.885.1184
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