Keep Our Groceries Tax-Free

Five times in the last 10 years there have been efforts to put a tax on groceries in Oregon.
What you see day-in and day-out through your work and in our community brings home the need for us to act permanently to keep our groceries tax free in Oregon.
We are supporting the effort called, “Vote YES on Measure 103! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free.” Watch this two minute video explaining this effort.
  • Simple: It keeps all groceries free from any taxes based on sales from farm to fork regardless of the size of the business.
  • Specific: Groceries are defined as any raw or processed food or beverage for human consumption excluding alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco.
  • Permanent: This is a constitutional amendment to prevent the Legislature or local governments from reversing or tampering with the Measure. It permanently removes their ability to pass a tax on groceries!
Earlier this year, the city council in St. Helens, OR attempted to implement a tax on groceries. Citizens responded by passing a local referendum identical to Measure 103 – 89% Yes to 9% No to permanently prohibit any sales tax on groceries in their city. Let’s extend this protection statewide by passing Measure 103.
Attached, please fine additional information about what the opponents are saying and why their claims are false.
Thank you in advance for helping all Oregonians.

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