How YOU Can Help Small Business Owners!

By Kathy Bazan, BRC Consultant

We know that each one of you is an expert in a subtopic of business which could help a business owner be successful. For that reason, we are extending a Request for Proposals to all of you in the Tualatin Chamber!

As part of the CARES Act which funds my position as a business consultant, we have a budget set aside for professionals who are specialist who would be compensated for their time working with small business owners.

For instance, if you are a CPA, an accountant, or QuickBooks expert, you could submit the RFP to provide your accounting expertise to those business owners who are highly (or moderately) mathematically mystified. We would ask that you, as the accounting expert, contribute 30 minutes of your time and then be compensated at a rate of no more than $50 for a second 30 minutes of work with this small business owner. (You can designate your rate.)

If the business owner continues to need your assistance, then you two would negotiate the rate that the business owner would pay you.

We are looking for lawyers, accountants, translators, business coaches, marketing gurus, website designers, graphic designers, and specialists in a variety of professional niches.

We are hoping that you can send us your RFP as soon as possible. This program is only funded through the end of this year.

Devoted to quickly completed application formats, we ask you to tell us:

• Your name and contact information
• Your education and any specialized trainings, certificates, etc. and
• Your years of experience in this field.
• Share with us the topics within your field on which you would like to consult with business owners. (e.g., a lawyer might consult on business law which includes contract review, legal structures, and intellectual property).
• Anything you would like us to know!

Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon…and you might get some new clients!!!

Tualatin Location:
Kathy Bazan, Business Recovery Centers Consultant
Office 503-692-0780
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