Governor’s Marketplace – What You Need to Know

What is the Governor’s Marketplace? It is two days of in-depth, multi-track training and intensive networking with the goal of arming local businesses with resources and services to start, sustain, and thrive.

Why should you care? The State of Oregon spends billions of dollars annually on purchasing goods and services; but some of those dollars are spent out of state. Let’s work together to keep those dollars in Oregon and get you a customer with a multi-billion dollar checkbook. If you want to shake hands with procurement officials who are buying what you’re selling, Governor’s Marketplace is for you.

Who puts these on? The Governor’s Office has partnered with the Secretary of State’s Office of Small Business AssistanceDepartment of Administrative Services, the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity and other state, federal, and local agencies and organizations to bring an incredible wealth of resources to local businesses.

Do you need to register? Registration is required and there is a ticket price. If money is a problem, contact the Office of Small Business Assistance.

Want to host a Governor’s Marketplace in your community? Click here to send your request to the Governor’s Office.

Dennis Richardson
Oregon Secretary of State

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