Don’t Pay an Extra $75 for Your Annual Report

Many Oregon businesses have reported receiving questionable solicitations entitled “2018 – Annual Report Instruction Form” or “State Annual Report Renewal Notice.”  These forms, sent by two out-of-state companies, “Workplace Compliance Services” and “Filing Labor Compliance Services,” can be easily mistaken for correspondence from the State of Oregon. They are not.

Despite appearances, the questionable Annual Report Instruction Form​ was not sent by the Secretary of State Corporation Division. The address listed to return a check is in fact a mailbox at a Salem UPS store. The questionable solicitation offers to file your Annual Report for an extra $75.00 “processing fee,” which is not required by Oregon law. Don’t waste your hard-earned money!

If you would like to see if your Annual Report is due to be filed with our office, please visit​. The easiest way to register a business or file annual reports is through our online e-filing service. Additionally, we send reminders in the mail when Annual Reports are due. Included in that mailing will be the official Annual Report form for your use if you prefer to file via mail instead of online.

If you ever have questions about whether a solicitation is legitimate, please call the Corporations Division at 503-986-2200 or check our Scam Alerts page.

Official communications or forms from the Corporation Division always include the following elements:

(1) the Oregon state seal,
(2) the Corporation Division address: 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151 – Salem, OR 97310, and
(3) the Corporation Division phone number: 502-986-2200.

In addition, the outer envelope will specify that it is from the “Secretary of State – Corporation Division.”

Dennis Richardson
Oregon Secretary of State

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