Community Lifelines Toolkit for your Organization

FEMA recently updated the Lifelines Toolkit. In short, the Lifelines help characterize the incident, identify the root causes of priority issue areas, and distinguish the highest priorities and most complex issues from other information. While the term used is Community Lifelines, the Lifelines concept can be applied to your organization. Lifelines may be applied to your core organizational functions and stabilizing them during an incident. You may need to make a few slight changes based on your organization’s structure.

I attached a few concrete examples of how FEMA used the Lifeline concept to communicate to the general public or specifically to the private sector. These were used in a two different exercises and during Hurricane Michael response.
1.Hurricane_Michael_LifeLine_Graphic_2018.10.16 – This is an External Affairs product on how we communicate the status of federal resources to the general public.
2. Exercise-NBEOC_Lifeline_Snapshot.2019.06.05 – The National Business Emergency Operations Center Lifeline Snapshot is used to communicate the disaster impacts and actions taken to stabilize the area during the Shaken Fury Exercise.
3. Exercise-Senior_Leadership_Brief_2019.03.07 – The Senior Leadership Brief was used to highlight impacts and status of federal resources during an exercise with the State of Idaho.

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