Cap & Trade Amendment Update

Last night, Cap & Trade House Bill 4001 was considered in the House Rules Committee. The new amendment to the bill, introduced by House Speaker Tina Kotek, gives complete authority to DEQ to develop a Cap & Trade system with no legislative oversight.
It is even worse than the original bill. The amendment ignores calls for an open process and replaces it with one with a predetermined outcome. It hands the power to create a vast new tax and regulatory regime over to an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy already overwhelmed with its own workload.
If legislators want Oregonians to pay more for gas and electricity – as their new Cap & Trade tax will do – then they shouldn’t hide behind a bureaucrat’s decision to set and increase that tax.
Please take a moment NOW – visit the OSCC Cap & Trade webpage – and send your legislator a note to SAY NO to HB 4001 and SAY NO to the New HB 4001 Amendments which give the DEQ bureaucracy total authority to create Cap & Trade with no oversight.

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