8 Quick Tips for Writing a Great Job Posting! PART 1

By Kathy Bazan, BRC Small Business Consultant

Part 1

 As the economy cautiously moves toward re-opening, you may want to hire new employees to help your company grow. Since my first career was in personnel placement, let me share 8 tips for writing a great job posting!

  1. Write with a “you” attitude: Use the word “you” as often as possible.
    1. “In this position, you will be part of a dynamic team of top notch sales. representatives.”
    2. “Requirements: You have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.”
  2. Write the company profile first and then you can use this with any job posting. You may wish to include:
  • What services or products does your company provide to your customers?
  • How large (or small) your company is (or how many employees you have)?
  • Is this job seasonal? Is there a possibility of the job continuing?


  1. “We are a dynamic veterinary clinic, offering the latest in diagnostic tools and the only isolation treatment room in the Verde Valley.”
  2. “Founded in 1981, we are a boutique electrical contractor working on the most advanced commercial renovation projects in Tacoma.”
  1. Position summary: Are you hiring for a new job or to fill the role for an employee you promoted? To whom will the new employee report? What are the goals for the next year?
    1. “Clear a Path is an innovative snow removal company with over 45 employees. As our new Team Lead, you will manage and schedule a team of five as we expand our services into year-round landscape maintenance and snow removal.”
    2. “Recently, we promoted our executive assistant to project manager. You will report to the CEO of this vibrant organization which is on the cutting edge of green aviation. In the next year, our goal is to develop the first drone with no carbon footprint.”

Come back next week to learn the rest of my tips!

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