8 Quick Tips for a Great Job Posting! PART 2

By Kathy Bazan, BRC Small Business Consultant
Part 2:
As a recruiter who wrote job postings, let me share more tips on writing a great job posting!
4. Your company’s culture
What makes a job candidate successful in your company? Which personality characteristics or traits are required to join your company? Are there any personality characteristics which are more important than experience?
Let me give you an example:
I interviewed a recent civil engineering graduate who relocated from Pennsylvania to California to seek employment. At that moment, the only job order I had in engineering required a professional engineer’s license—which is earned after 7 years of experience and passing a big ugly test. I called the employer, stated that the candidate did not have the required experience but asked for an interview anyway. The employer agreed and created for the candidate a wonderful entry level job because his personality fit into the corporate culture.
Examples for your job posting:
a. “We seek a self-starter who can manage their time effectively in this fast-paced environment. This role requires that you have the drive and a sense of accountability to prioritize and complete multiple, deadline-sensitive projects. There will be very little direct supervision.”
b. “As a mediator at the law firm of Smith & Jones, you will demonstrate professionalism, honesty, and integrity while being an innovative problem solving during the process of conflict resolution. As a dependable, reliable, responsible, and ambitious licensed mediator, you will help us grow during the next year by tackling the firm’s new case load.”
5. List the job’s responsibilities
Be as specific as possible. Will small business counseling be handled face-to-face, over Zoom, on the phone, or a combination of these? If the person is in the field, how many jobs per day are they expected to complete? Is this a day, evening, or overnight job? How many days per week are required?
“As a geriatric care nurse, you will be in charge of 10 patients in this facility. This is a 4 PM to midnight shift, Monday-Friday.”
6. What are the requirements? Bachelor’s degree? Any particular licenses, certificates, tool expertise, or training required for this job? Any required experience with specific chemicals or equipment?
7. If you conduct a screening or test pre-employment or during employment, let the candidate know now. If you drug test, investigate their driving records, or conduct a background or credit check, you should list these in the job posting. Candidates will weed themselves out, so you don’t have to.
8. State HOW someone should apply—either through the job hunting website, on your company’s website, or drop off a résumé at your company.
Close your job posting by stating that you will contact successful applicants and that you appreciate the time this person took to apply. This way, every person who applies will not expect a personal response from you.

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