2018 Celebrate Tualatin Winners!

Wow! Celebrate Tualatin is one of our favorite events for so many reasons! We are humbled and honored to have so many outstanding members. We think all who attended can attest that last week we had a positive, uplifting, and humorous afternoon together. Thank you to all the nominees, sponsors, and volunteers for making this event possible.
Truthfully, Celebrate Tualatin is only successful because of the members in our community. It was inspirational because of the work you do. All we had to do was shine a light on it and recognize you. We have seen the nominees and winners sharing their accomplishments, and our hearts are full. Our only regret is that we couldn’t have all of our nominees win, because they all deserved it. Without further ado your winners are…
Rookie of the Year – Lalo Contreras, Armor Auto Detailing
Lalo Contreras has 20 years of experience in the auto industry and decided last year to go out on his own to start Armor Auto Detailing LLC. One of his first business moves was to join the Chamber and participate in AM Networking. This move has served him and the chamber well because of his involvement with the members and the Tualatin community. Since Armor Auto is a mobile service, Lalo comes to you and can offer a wide variety of services for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Lalo is professional, personable, and makes your vehicle shine. “If you are thinking about having your car detailed, do not hesitate to make an appointment. We appreciated the great service, expertise and honesty.”
New Business of the Year – NvHolden Photography
Nathan Holden has taken his passion and talent and transformed that into a business we are proud to have in the Tualatin committee. His diverse portfolio includes stunning nature photos (his most notable being his capture of the eclipse at the Painted Hills), heartwarming family photo shoots, gorgeous product shots, and more. Every image he captures has a story. “He really cares about his clients. He makes sure that the photography is what they envisioned. He has a great eye and makes sure it all comes together perfectly. Best of all, he is the nicest human being.” Despite being his “side gig,” NvHolden Photography has received recognition across the state. Travelling to businesses in the area, you will likely see several of Nathan’s work proudly displayed. Nathan’s work has been displayed in Lugano Café & Catering, as well as a community art gallery in Wilsonville where he exhibited or sold over 100 pieces. Nathan is also an active member in both the Tualatin Chamber and Rotary and donates his photography time to charitable organizations. His standard of work in every project is bar none. Everything he does, he doesn’t do for recognition. It comes from his heart and that shows.
Ambassador of the Year – Ben Ashley, Country Financial
Ben is a great representative of the Chamber and community as a whole. As an Ambassador, he not only was asked to attend many different chamber and member events throughout the course of the year, but also coordinate efforts for the entire team to make every chamber event a warm, welcoming environment. Through his leadership, the group was a tremendous benefit to our community in 2017. That leadership quality, along with his personality and overall positive attitude is what made him our Ambassador of the Year.
Chamber Volunteer of the Year – Allen Song, Izumi Japanese Steakhouse
Family owned Izumi Japanese Steakhouse offers much more than excellent cuisine. The warmth and passion of its owner, Allen Song, combined with his friendly and professional staff, host a wonderful meal and entertainment for all. A mixologist at heart, Allen is very passionate about his wide selection of beverages and his own infused spirit called Dang Gin. He is excited to educate the community and make it available for meals, happy hours, special events, and fundraisers. Allen is a big supporter of the Tualatin Chamber. He never misses an event and is constantly recruiting and inspiring others to do the same. He serves as the Chair of the Ambassadors, Sponsor of the Champions and member of the Holiday Auction Committee. Always looking for ways to give back, Allen has quickly endeared himself to the community, making many friends along the way through his generous donations of gift certificates, restaurant experiences, and time. Allen has supported and donated to every Chamber event, Rotary, G.R.E.A.T., 4 Jake’s Sake Charitable Foundation, Project Purple Initiative, Maurice Lucas Foundation, STEAM Team, Tualatin Brew Fest, Swing for the Wolves/Crawdaddy Open Golf Tournament, Relay for Life, Sparks of Hope, and so much more. However, it’s his “can do” attitude and willingness to roll up his sleeves and help others that makes him a true Chamber Volunteer of the Year! “No matter how you are feeling, Allen will be there with a smile and a way to make you laugh. His benevolent spirit infects those around him and he is as friendly as they come.”
Business Leader of the Year – Michael Carlson, Portland Badge & Sign
The attributes for Business Leader of the Year are demonstrated leadership and cooperation while benefiting the community and/or civic enterprises. Michael Carlson of Portland Badge & Sign personifies these traits every day. On top of managing a successful business, he is always in the fore front as a cheerleader, volunteer, and supporter of Chamber members and their respective businesses, Chamber events, and a variety of non-profit causes. For the past 7+ years Michael has served on the Committee for the Tigard-Tualatin Relay for Life as the Silent Auction Chair. He has provided a wealth of information about how to scale the event and auction and how to connect with local businesses. He is dependable and raises a lot of money for the cause. He also is the Sign Sponsor, providing much needed signage leading up to and for day of. Michael is a leader in the sign business industry but gladly mentors other businesses. The personal and business support that he gives to the Chamber and the Tualatin community is significant. If you want to “Be Seen and Collect the Green,” he is your go-to person. “Michael gives from his heart and supports with his mind.”
Spirit of Tualatin – Individual – Jeff Welsh, Tualatin Rotary
Service Above Self is the mantra of Tualatin Rotary. If anyone personifies that, hands down, it will be Jeff Welsh. Jeff is a quiet, behind the scenes leader and organizer and a “hands on” giver. He brings his time and talent to everything that he does and that list is extensive. Jeff and his family have lived in Tualatin over 30 years and he understands the importance of community and business partnerships. He represents Rotary in the community and at the Chamber by his presence and quiet service. Wildlife Refuge clean up, bell ringers for the Salvation Army, road cleanup on Tualatin-Sherwood Road two times a year are just a few of the places you will find Jeff organizing and working. Jeff is the person that shows up early and leaves late, always willing to lend a hand, so that everything will run smoothly.  “A true stand up man with a positive and selfless attitude towards helping others and the community.”
Spirit of Tualatin – Small/Medium Business – Riverview Community Bank
When Riverview Community Bank came to Tualatin with their new name and new location, they embraced the community by saying loud and clear “we are here, we believe in community partnerships and doing business with chamber members and local businesses.” Through their bank manager, Willow Oelke, Riverview has stayed true to their pronouncement in several ways. First they stepped up and use chamber members for a variety of goods and services at the bank and make sure to recommend these businesses to their bank clients. Then, Riverview reached out into the community to support local non-profits and the schools with volunteers, donations and sponsorships to organizations like Relay for Life, Community Warehouse, School House Pantry, Rotary, Tualatin Heritage Center, and, of course, for the Chamber events and committees. Riverview joins in these efforts and more not only because it is good business for the bank to be present in the community but it’s good for the community that Riverview is present. “One of the best banks in town. Willow is a great example of helping and being part of the community. She always helps where she is needed. A great asset to the community.”
Spirit of Tualatin – Medium/Large Business – SERVPRO of Tigard/Tualatin
For 27 years, SERVPRO of Tigard/Tualatin has responded to home and business emergencies 24 hours a day, around the clock. Meanwhile, the team is very involved in volunteering and supporting the communities they respond to.  To name a few, these contributions include, running a major Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Toy Drive with an annual donation upwards of over $5000, supporting the local Cascades Chapter of the American Red Cross and raising nearly $40,000 in 3 years for local disaster relief, hosting golf tournaments to raise thousands of dollars for the March of Dimes organization resulting in over $24,000 to the charity, being a major supporter of the Portland Sunshine Division where volunteers cleaned, sealed, and repainted areas that service underprivileged families, actively captaining, and organizing over $10,000 while also support for Relay for Life to improve cancer survival. There are many more charities, local sports teams, and individuals who have been helped by founder and owner, Kathy Linderman. “She is an inspiration to her team and consistently finds ways to make an impact in her community and push her people to be involved.  Kathy Linderman is a consistently giving member of this community and respected business owner.” 
Lifetime Achievement Award – Lou Ogden, Tualatin Mayor & Resource Strategies Planning Group
The definition of Lifetime Achievement is a person who has improved the Tualatin community and inspired others to take action. For the last 26 years at least, Lou Ogden has been the epitome of this definition. Starting as a City Councilor and moving on to be the Mayor of Tualatin for 24 years, Lou has tirelessly worked with the community and the Chamber to take Tualatin from a small suburb to a thriving, economically diverse, family-friendly community. Under Lou’s leadership, the business community has seen incredible growth, with over 1,700 businesses and 33,000 employees in 2018. He has been a passionate supporter as well as an ex-officio board member and champion of the Chamber of Commerce, understanding the inherent value of a business, community, and government partnership. All of the ways and areas that Lou is involved in to help Tualatin thrive is done as a volunteer,” while still running his own business.  Lou’s cause is his community. He is involved, practically full-time, in working on the behalf of all Tualatin businesses and citizens to enhance the community’s quality of life.

Congratulations to All Nominees!

Rookie of the Year

Alec Ramsey, Southwest Office Supply
From the moment they joined the Chamber, Alec Ramsey and Southwest Office Supply jumped in with both feet. “The service we receive is both personable and highly professional. Even though they have a corporate relationship with us, they service each branch individually and assign a Rep we can call on. They understand our needs, and make sure each of us is taken care of in our own special way.” Southwest Office Supply branches have donated to the Oregon Food Bank and The Giving Tree. In addition, employees are encouraged to pursue volunteer efforts. Besides promoting his business through traditional marketing, Alec saw, as a Chamber member, an opportunity to connect in the community and help in “greater ways.” He is involved in Chamber and community driven services by participating in Champions, Ambassadors and volunteering with the STEAM program at Hazelbrook Middle School. Additionally, Alec has been a high school mentor and is working to bring his mentoring efforts to our Tualatin students. Alec prides himself on being service-driven and making a positive impact on both his organization and his community. Community and business are one-in-the same in his view.

Madonna Suever, Extra Touch Events by SkyBridge
“We Create! You Celebrate!” says it all for Extra Touch Events and Madonna Suever. From large corporate events, conventions, and golf tournaments to intimate weddings and family celebrations, Madonna brings an extraordinary portfolio of creativity, planning, and execution for any event. Along with this portfolio of talents comes a professional calm and grace and remarkable attention to detail that enhances any event of any size. Madonna has shared her skills as a new Chamber member volunteering for the golf tournament and annual holiday auction, all while marketing and promoting her business. Extra Touch Events is a global company, but Madonna’s commitment to business in Tualatin is highlighted by her support of and doing business with Chamber members. “She is one of the most detail-minded people you could ever hope to meet. She is also a consummate professional and highly-skilled event planner. Couple all of this with her giving nature and you have the recipe for an outstanding volunteer whom you can rely on to get the job done. It goes without saying, Madonna is a pro! She is also a kind-hearted person with a truly generous spirit.”

New Business of the Year

Zeitgeist Academy
In case you didn’t know, “zeitgeist” means the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. Typically, it is shortened as the “spirit of the times.” Morgan Roe created the Zeitgeist Academy to make music come alive for everyone. There are a lot of music academies that focus on children, but Morgan saw a need for adults who love music and want to develop another skill. Her team does things differently, but Zeitgeist Academy focuses on being a music community. This is evident through her formation of a quartet with our members. “She was able to work with different levels of singers and get us all together musically and ready to perform. She was ‘instrumental’ to our success and made it a fun experience for all.” Her enthusiasm and out-of-the box thinking led her to leading a Kazoo Caroling throughout Bridgeport. She created an opportunity for those who may be nervous about their musical talent to contribute in a hilarious, uplifting, and fantastic event. Morgan has made an impact with many of our Chamber members, giving them the guidance and inspiration they needed to expand their artistic horizons.

Jackie 427
Liz Hatcher was likely the first contact from the Tualatin Chamber for many of you. Those lucky enough to know her have experienced her welcoming, giving, and positive spirit. She has an indominable work ethic with a passion for serving all those in her life. Since her time on staff, Liz has started her own business, Jackie 427. Over this past year, Liz has created and thrived as an entrepreneur. If you have something to say, Liz can help you say it in a clear, concise, and compelling way. She can take a general idea, and with just a few questions and some research, she presents you with perfect, fully-developed content. “I love working with her, she is so positive and easy to work with. With her marketing background, she not only has great ideas, but her professional completion of them sets her apart from the rest.” She is always at, and contributing to, local meetings and events. She leads and co-chairs the impactful WIN group and events. She regularly gives multiple “shout outs” at networking events. Liz leads and boosts community events with the Tualatin PackBackers, raising money for the Tualatin High School Athletic Department. Whatever Liz does, she will dedicate 110% to it. “There’s no doubt she “gets it” regarding giving, even without expecting a quid pro quo. And isn’t that what Chamber membership is all about? We in Tualatin are lucky to have Liz Hatcher in our midst.”

Chamber Volunteer of the Year

Tim Garrett, Matchlight Video
Tim Garrett is a talented videographer who quickly filled previously unmet needs throughout the Chamber, volunteering his time, videography services, business acumen, and stepping up to serve on multiple committees and teams including the Ambassador team, Thrive! Committee, and the Strive to Thrive Workshop. In addition, he has contributed many hours of filming, editing, and production time to support the Chamber. He is always willing to step up and share his time and expertise to add value to Chamber programs, help promote the Chamber, and help support the membership. “I have worked with Tim all last year and am so grateful for his positive and friendly attitude. He is always willing to help with anything needed, is easy to work with, and responsive.”

Debbie Borges, Berkshire Hathaway
A member since 1992, Debbie Borges has been a passionate, professional, and committed volunteer of the Tualatin Chamber. Whether she steps up to lead or serve, she can always be counted on to follow through on whatever she has agreed to do. Debbie has taken on many leadership roles over the years including serving on the Board of Directors.  In 2017 she was the Chair of the Holiday Auction Procurement Committee, as well team captain role f,or the Chamber’s Relay for Life team. “Debbie took on the massive task of leading the Holiday Auction Procurement Committee when we needed her most. We truly couldn’t have done it without her. She gave us countless hours of her time, and we couldn’t be more grateful.” Since then, she has stepped up to serve as Relay for Life Sponsorship Chair because she saw a real need for change and improvement. She works non-stop for her clients and STILL has the time to take on a volunteerism leadership role.

Business Leader of the Year

Ryan Miller, Miller Insurance
Ryan has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the Tualatin community. One of the first things you notice walking into the office are the number of plaques Miller Insurance has on the walls from community little leagues sponsored over the years. Ryan has participated and worked with the city, supported the local Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post, and continues to support the business community through the Tualatin Chamber and various sponsorship opportunities. Ryan embodies the criteria of a business leader with his passionate desire to help others. He’s a former Chamber Board member and being passionate about education, he stepped up to Chair and sponsor the Thrive Business Education Breakfast and Annual Strive to Thrive Business Workshop and Expo. Ryan will not hesitate to spend time with others to share valuable insight on efficiency, having an engaged workforce, and what Ryan is best known for…turning risk into opportunity. “I am truly thankful for the leadership traits and qualities I have learned from Ryan. He is truly an inspiration.”

Joe Troccoli, McLane Foods
Joe has been a Chamber member since 2013 and joined the Board of Directors in 2014. From the moment he joined our Board, he has been recognized as a thoughtful, servant leader. He’s a great team builder and has inspired loyalty and respect from our members and community. Joe stays calm under pressure and is known for being a sound and wise decision-maker. He’s been a strong voice for our Industrial Manufacturing members which has helped the Chamber’s motto of “business and community working together.” He also proudly supports programs that focus on youth. He arranged for the recyclable cans and bottles to be picked up each month at McLane with the proceeds going to the Tigard Tualatin Caring Closet. Suffice it to say Joe is an exemplary visionary and mentor, a great leader who has dedicated his life to serve those he oversees. I count myself lucky to get to work with someone who inspires me every day. He has provided a strong foundation for this distribution center in an industry that can be confusing. His perseverance, integrity and people-loving nature are just a few of qualities that continue to inspire me.”

Spirit of Tualatin – Individual

Cyndy Hillier, Tualatin Together
Have you made Tualatin a better place to live? Have you inspired others to exceed their limitations and accomplish more than previously thought possible? Cyndy Hillier is making Tualatin a better place and she is an inspiration to everyone that knows or knows of her. Energetic, enthusiastic, authentic, kind, organized and an organizer as well as community driven is the short list to describe Cyndy. She is a leader on several fronts and is a voice for the Tualatin community, advocating for our youth. As Director of Tualatin Together, Cyndy works and advocates to make our community a safe and healthy place for youth by working to reduce drug and alcohol use and abuse. Being an advocate, especially at the grassroots level, can be a full-time job. Cyndy has a second full-time volunteer job as she volunteers at Tualatin High School as co-chair of the Timberwolves Support organization, co-chair of the concession stands for high school sports, including girls’ softball, and is a board member of Packbackers. Thank goodness she doesn’t say no. Cyndy and Tualatin Together are non-profit members of the Chamber as she understands the need and benefit of community/business collaborations and partnerships. “She doesn’t say no.”

Sue Raxter, Paws & Tails Petsitting
A ray of sunshine, a warm smile, contagious laughter, humor and wit, and caring nature is just the beginning of describing Sue. Business woman, strategic planner, stand out example of how to promote her own and other businesses, animal lover/care giver and heartfelt supporter of causes are other words describing Sue. Sue has been a Tualatin Chamber member for 6 years but she has been a Tualatin chamber and community supporter for 2-3 times that many years. Not only does she run a full time 24/7 in-home petsitting business, she volunteers in various ways for the Chamber and constantly promotes Chamber businesses. In her office there is a rack of Chamber member business cards with her recommendations plus information on causes she supports. Just in 2017, she championed Red Haven Day Center and collected 850 bras for homeless and abused women, collected $500 and non-perishable items for the School House Pantry, and over $5,000 for the Caring Closet. All of this happened because of her personal commitment and amazing outreach into the Tualatin and Chamber communities. “Sue is an inspiration of how one person can make a difference.”

Spirit of Tualatin – Small/Medium Business

Pacific West Roofing
Pacific West Roofing is a family owned business with deep roots in the local area.  They have been serving customers since 1980 and have established a reputation of being one of the most quality conscious companies in the Portland roofing market. More importantly though, they are known for their service excellence and personal approach to each customer. It’s all about relationships and giving back. They help in every way they can, and they try to “always say yes.” Just this past year they have been a major sponsor of Swing for Wolves/Crawdaddy Open, the Tualatin Winter Brewfest, the Tualatin Crawfish Festival, and the Chamber Holiday Auction. They have also held food drives, a coat drive for local shelters, and more. Pacific West Roofing exemplifies the right way to do business, and therefore, the spirit of Tualatin.

Bob’s Auto Café
There is a Bob, there are autos but there is no café. What is there is a commitment to help the Tualatin community one car at a time by training people (interns) seeking employment in the automotive field, performing quality car service at a fair price, and helping those in need get into a safe and reliable vehicle. Bob’s Auto Café stands out because they train technicians in paid internships, employ people who may otherwise not find employment and offer deeply discounted repair costs for low income customers. This business plan allows Bob’s to create a valuable, dignified, and respectful employee by providing automotive technical training in a real-world work place. An intern leaves Bob’s with training and the opportunity to transition into solid automotive technician jobs. It also provides low-income families the ability to have reliable transportation and, by donating a car to Bob’s, you get a tax deduction. Bob’s Auto Café represents the spirit of community involvement in Tualatin and dedication to empowering people to have the tools to move forward.

Spirit of Tualatin – Medium/Large Business

CenterCal Properties
CenterCal came into the community over 10 years ago when Bridgeport was built and has continued to enhance and expand Tualatin with Nyberg Woods and Nyberg Rivers. They have created space for many new businesses to come into Tualatin which equates to new and employment opportunities. This is business to business at its best and personifies and supports the Chamber and what the Chamber stands for. Yet, there is another side to CenterCal. They created and value a partnership with Tualatin businesses, city government, and the citizens of Tualatin by recognizing and embracing the history that is here. Through CenterCal, and its CEO Fred Bruning, working with the city and the Tualatin Historical Society, they worked to bring to the forefront Tualatin’s Ice Age history, we now have an expanded Tualatin River Greenway trail, the mastodon sculpture in front of Cabela’s, and a children’s book called “I Wonder,” plus the three shopping centers with Tualatin zip codes. None of this would have happened without the foresight, commitment to community, and the financial support of CenterCal. All of this embodies the Spirit of Tualatin.

Pacific Foods
Pacific Foods is a truly incredible company who greatly cares for their community. They are the largest donor to the Oregon Food Bank every year in pounds donated.  They also donate to the emergency food pantry here in Tualatin.  Weekly there is a full car pick-up of fresh produce, bread, milk and eggs.  Items rarely donated to the pantry.  They also donate an entire pallet of their boxed soups and meals every quarter.  Not only do they have a huge impact with the pantry, but they also help the Tualatin School District with their summer meal program even delivering on site for them. “I don’t consider them just donors I consider them friends as they truly are so friendly, caring, compassionate, and generous!”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Wilsonville Costco
Costco’s mission statement is to continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices, but what lies underneath that is a dedication to community and the continued desire to give back. They give millions of dollars each year to various charitable organizations worldwide including the United Way, the Red Cross, and children’s hospitals like Doernbecher’s every May. They also have expanded their edible food donation program through Feeding America, donating over 8.5 million pounds of food annually. Locally, Costco supports the backpack and reading programs for schools, they give approximately $300 per month to fundraisers, bakery products are donated to the food banks, and leftover produce goes to pig growers. At an even more locally-focused level, they host a Multi-Chamber Holiday Networking event and are proud sponsors of the Tualatin Chamber TP Brigade, having donated pallets of toilet paper to the Tualatin School House Pantry. Their corporate culture makes us a stronger community and are a worthy nominee for this award.

Village Inn
Village Inn has been a family-owned business in Tualatin for 41 years. Ryan Sweeney, owner and operator has carried on his grandparent’s legacy. While running a busy restaurant doesn’t leave much free time, Ryan is very involved in community issues like supporting increased public transportation availability in Tualatin. Where Village Inn shines is how they support our community. Before you get to the front door, there is a coat rack with a sign “Take A Coat/Leave A Coat” no questions asked. Ryan is a driver for the Meals on Wheels People home delivery program. Last December, Village Inn held a revenue sharing drive for MOWP and raised $900. They ran the pancake breakfast at the Crawfish Festival, they donate all the pies at the Pumpkin Regatta. In addition, they support the Kiwanis Club by having food barrels at the restaurant and filling them several times a year. Most importantly, Village Inn encourages and hires high school students from Tualatin and Tigard. They help the students through the interview process, help students manage their time, and play an active role in mentoring them on how to be good employees in the work force.

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