2017 Legislative Report – Week 10

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues –

So much for big deadlines. The first major deadline produced almost no changes to OSCC’s outlook for the week.

All bills needed to be scheduled for a vote in their original committee by Friday, April 7th. Nearly every single bad bill was scheduled. Almost nothing fell off of our radar. Committee chairs just couldn’t bring themselves to tell anyone “NO,” and consequently, nearly every bill was kept alive until April 18th.

We will be working feverishly until the 18th, when all bills must pass their original committee. Our hope is to neutralize many of the bad bills (and hopefully pass a few good ones) between now and the 18th. See the links below for bills and amendments, hearing schedules, and recorded testimony.

Here’s what we know from the past week:

It was an interesting week on the tax/revenue front. The week started with a press conference from the government employee unions imploring the legislature to pass a “game changing” tax increase on Oregon businesses. By Wednesday, TV ads were running in opposition to the legislature’s consideration of a new gross receipts tax. And by this weekend, Senator Mark Hass, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, was blasting those TV ads as ‘amateur’ and ‘lazy.’ The OSCC assessment is still the same. We are skeptical that the legislature will embark on a corporate tax increase. We believe that increased tax revenues from a growing economy will take enough pressure out of this budget cycle to allow legislators to cobble together a budget without a general tax hike.

Here are the bills that are still alive as of the Friday, April 7th deadline:

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