2019 Legislative Report – Week 3

We have now completed three weeks of the 2019 legislative session.  The upcoming week appears to be an abbreviated week with several committees being cancelled or otherwise not scheduled to meet this week. What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) Two major bills are moving quickly – rent control (SB 608) and the first Medicaid funding bill (HB […]

Week 2 Legislative Session Update

Week 2 is of the 2019 legislature is in the books. What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) Very few new bills were introduced this past week….maybe another 100 or so, which is well under the pace we would have expected.  We suspect that Legislative Counsel is having difficulty keeping up with the workload. After two weeks, […]

We Are Moving – Miller Insurance

After 28 years in Tualatin, we are having a new office built for our newly combined Miller Insurance & Insurance Partners office. In the meantime we are temporarily moving to Lake Oswego. As this is a temporary move, our mail will be forwarded from our Tualatin address and our phone numbers will remain unchanged. Our temporary […]

Week 1 Legislative Session Update

The 2019 legislative session is now underway in Oregon. The 2019 Legislature has already introduced over 1,700 bills.  OSCC expects another 1,000+ pieces of legislation to be introduced over the next six weeks.  Of the 1,700 bills that have been introduced thus far, OSCC is keeping an eye on: HB 2655 and SB 379 which […]

Cat Adoption Team Shares Expertise to Help Kittens Nationwide, Thanks to Maddie

$60,000 grant supports Cat Adoption Team’s kitten foster training for shelters [Portland, OR – January 24, 2019] — Local cat shelter Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is hosting an apprenticeship program to teach its nationally recognized kitten foster model to 21 animal shelters from across the country. The program is made possible thanks to a $60,000 […]

Legislative Session Update

We hope everyone had a wonderful MLK weekend. The 2019 Oregon Legislature is now officially upon us!! Today is Day 1. We are already at work analyzing the 1,500 bills that have been introduced to date. Some of these proposals address legitimate needs, but details matter in legislation – especially in tax legislation and especially […]

Because It’s All About You – $100 Visa Card January Contest

“Invest in great relationships, they will pay a lifetime of dividends.” – Bill Walsh 🔥💰JANUARY CONTEST – $100 VISA GIFT CARD 🔥💰 Fill out this quick fun questionnaire prior to 1/31/2019 and one lucky winner will win a $100 visa gift card. The best part about it is that the questionnaire is all about YOU! My intent is just to build a deeper friendship […]