OSCC 2020 Legislative Reports & Updates

OSCC 2020 Legislative Session Concludes

House Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney will not convene additional floor sessions for the remainder of the session.
Republican leaders issued press releases this morning that their caucuses would come back to the Capitol on Sunday, the last day of session, to pass budgets. It was expected that Democrat leadership would decline, and they formally did this afternoon. The session is now effectively adjourned.
What’s next…
  1. The Emergency Board will meet to fund various critical needs such as Coronavirus response and Umatilla flooding response.
  2. The Governor is preparing an Executive Order to implement the aspects of the Cap-and-Trade bill that she can direct her agencies to administer.
  3. A special session will likely be called in the next month to address and pass some of the legislation that died during the short session.
This is what we know as of now.
Candidate Filing Deadline Day is next Tuesday, which will present the next opportunity for legislators to co-mingle. It’ll be an interesting day.
We will let you know more as we learn about the prospect for a special session.


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