2019 Legislative Report – Week 22

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) Senate Republicans have left the state in a showdown over HB 2020, the ‘Cap-and-Trade’ legislation that OSCC has strongly opposed.By leaving the state, the Senate Republicans are denying quorum, which means that the Senate cannot conduct business. The Senate can only conduct business with 20 senators present.There are currently 18 […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 21

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) There are only a handful of major business issues left in the 2019 session. All of the remaining business issues are still shrouded in some doubt and uncertainty in the final days. We are anticipating that the legislature is on track for adjournment mid-next week. The legislature must adjourn by […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 20

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) The 2019 legislative session must adjourn by June 30. Tensions are high as legislators make a last push to pass priority bills before the Constitutional end of session. A number of large policy priorities remain-diesel, cap-and-trade, paid family leave -and the next three weeks will be chaotic as they work […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 19

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) Leadership is aiming toward a June 21 adjournment. Committees are rapidly finishing their work, particularly on the budget. The end game negotiations are largely concluded, and now that the PERS cost reduction bill passed, there seems to be an interesting mix of fatigue and resignation coupled with the excitement of […]