2019 Legislative Report – Week 19

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) The deadline for all policy bills has passed. Policy committees are now closed. All legislation passed from this point forward will have to come from either the Rules, Revenue, or Ways & Means Committees. As we indicated last week, this signals that the 2019 session is in the final homestretch […]

Congratulations Kimberly Blue! – Bridgeport Village

NEW YORK (May 19, 2019): The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 MAXI Awards. The MAXI Awards showcase the creative and innovative practices that paint the picture for the future of the industry, highlighting the retail real estate industry’s most innovative events, programs and technologies that add […]

Public Hearings on PERS Reform to Begin

A PERS reform proposal has been formally introduced in SB 1049. The plan was unveiled Friday afternoon by Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney, and  public hearings on the bill will begin tonight. PERS Solutions for Public Services has put together a cost analysis of the bill which you can view here. SB 1049 includes the […]

Oregon Sees Record Revenue Growth

On Wednesday, May 15, the State of Oregon just realized a historic and massive revenue forecast. Just from the last forecast in March, every metric grew by eye-popping numbers due to a historic influx of revenue over the tax season. Available resources for the next biennium (2019-2021) grew by $770 million. The kicker almost doubled […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 17

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) This is the final week for policy committees to pass bills. Any bill not passed out of a policy committee (other than Rules or Revenue) is dead after Friday. All legislation passed after Friday will have to come from either Rules, Revenue, or Ways & Means. This signals that the […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 16

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) House and Senate Republicans ground the session to a crawl last week as both caucuses employed tactics designed to slow the pace of the session. Senate Republicans simply did not come to the capitol and effectively denied the necessary quorum to conduct Senate business. Senate Republicans continue to negotiate with […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 15

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) We think that things will start getting more interesting now that the major $2.8 billion business tax passed the House 37-21. Even though the tax bill was muscled through the House, there is still not yet a clear path to the goal. Because although legislative leadership appears to have made […]