2019 Legislative Report – Week 14

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) Negotiations are underway on what a “go home” package of legislation would be for legislative Democrats who hold strong majorities in the legislature. Legislative leadership appears to be signaling to the business community that they will pass: HB 3427, the $2 billion gross receipts tax on businesses with $1 million […]

Stop the Raid on SAIF

Governor Kate Brown recently proposed raiding SAIF, Oregon’s leading workers’ compensation insurance carrier of nearly $500 million to cover unfunded liabilities within our state’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). Small businesses, school districts, and local governments depend on SAIF’s affordable rates and safety programs to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  Raiding SAIF’s reserves could […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 13

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) From a business perspective, the 2019 session can be distilled into four primary categories: Revenue. As we’ve noted, there is currently over $5.67 billion in additional revenue proposals that are alive in the legislature. The crown jewel of the revenue proposals is HB 3427, the $2 billion gross receipts tax […]

Tualatin Coworking Space

The Tualatin Chamber is currently exploring an exciting project, putting together a coworking space and new business incubator right here in town! For many of our smaller businesses, working in their homes is not the ideal long-term option. By having a coworking space option, we think these business owners have another financially feasible alternative. Research […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 12

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) The second half of the 2019 session is now underway. Legislative leadership has made the timing decision to prioritize the $2 billion business Commercial Activity Tax (HB 2019) and put it at the front of the line. We are expecting quick consideration of HB 2019 with public hearings on the […]

Oregon Tax Plan Released

We know there is widespread anticipation and concern regarding the new $2 billion business tax being promoted by legislative leadership. Thursday evening, the detailed plan was finally made public. Detailed Tax Plan At a high level, it is a 0.49% gross receipts tax with a 25% deduction for either business inputs or labor costs, whichever […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 11

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) By Tuesday, April 9th, all bills need to be voted out of their original committee in order to survive. This is the turning point of the session. Priorities get whittled down and the playing field becomes clearer as extraneous legislation falls by the wayside. We will know much more on […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 10

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) We’ve passed the first major deadline of the 2019 legislative session. Bills needed to have been scheduled for committee votes by the end of this past Friday in order to stay alive. By Tuesday, April 9th, all bills need to actually be voted out of their original committee in order […]