2019 Legislative Report – Week 9

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) The next two-and-a-half weeks will be the toughest weeks of the session. Looming deadlines mean that all 3,000 of the bills currently introduced will be in play as advocates rush to meet deadlines that mean life or death for their legislation. Bills need to be posted for committee votes by […]

Thank You for 2019 Celebrate Tualatin!

  It’s hard to imagine a more heart-warming and positive event than our Celebrate Tualatin – Business Excellence Awards. Every year we have the opportunity to thank the often unsung heroes of the Tualatin business community. Congratulations again to all of our winners and nominees. Without an outstanding team, this event would not have been […]

2019 Celebrate Tualatin Winners!

Wow! Celebrate Tualatin is one of our favorite events for so many reasons! We are humbled and honored to have so many outstanding members. We think all who attended can attest that last week we had a positive, uplifting, and humorous afternoon together. Thank you to all the nominees, sponsors, and volunteers for making this […]

Upcoming PCC Small Business Development Center Classes

Encore & Solo Business Builders – https://climb.pcc.edu/make-a-living-doing-what-you-love  Class starts April 2, 2019 (PCC CLIMB Center) Getting Your Recipe to Market –  http://climb.pcc.edu/get-your-recipe-to-market  Class starts April 2, 2019 (CLIMB Center) Restaurant Business Builders – http://climb.pcc.edu/restaurant-business-builders Class starts April 3, 2019 (PCC CLIMB Center) Small Business Builders – http://climb.pcc.edu/small-business-builders Class starts April 4, 2019 (PCC CLIMB Center) Retail Business Builders – http://climb.pcc.edu/retail-business-builders Class starts April 9, […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 7

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) What a week! First off, Senate President Peter Courtney takes a 10-day ‘medical leave’ to deal with the stress of the session and its impact on his Grave’s Disease. There is wide speculation that he may not return. We aren’t able to separate fact from fiction at this point, so […]

Municipal Relation Manager – Republic Services

Dear Partner, I am pleased to announce that KJ Lewis has accepted the position of Municipal Relationship Manager, effective February 25, 2019. KJ received her Master’s in Public Administration and Education Policy from Portland State University. She has worked with national and international non-profit organizations and has over 15 years of experience in public affairs […]

Oregon Communities Cannot Afford Cap-and-Trade Bill – Oppose HB 2020

Oregon legislators have made passing a cap-and-trade bill a top priority this session.  Two weeks ago, the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction introduced the cap-and-trade bill for 2019 — House Bill 2020. This bill caps emissions from businesses that emit > 25,000 tons of carbon and requires those “regulated” businesses, fuel companies, and utilities to buy down […]

2019 Legislative Report – Week 6

What’s Happening (OSCC Political Observations) The legislature continues to be a very tumultuous and uncertain place. The Senate is currently mired in a leadership struggle as a handful of progressive Democrats and some Republicans are looking to topple Senate President Peter Courtney. This leadership struggle is taking up precious bandwidth in the Senate and is […]