Government Affairs Council

The mission of this council shall be twofold: to educate our members on issues affecting their business; and to provide a basis for the chamber to act on local, regional, and state-wide issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate.

To identify, research, and recommend policy positions that provide for a positive business climate for our members;

  1. To advocate for businesses on a local, regional and state-wide level. The council will pursue public policy issues that are the highest priority to our members based on outreach and feedback;
  2. To provide education to our members regarding governmental issues through the newsletter, website, monthly forum luncheons and other communication vehicles.

Duties of the GAC include but are not limited to: 
1.      Studying and making recommendations about local, regional and state-wide issues that can affect member businesses. (Examples include: ballot measures, economic development,   transportation, commuter connectivity and land-use);
2.       Advocating on behalf of the membership;
3.      Monitoring governmental regulations;
4.      Hosting candidate debates and issue discussions during election periods.

Guiding Principles Adopted by the Chamber Board of Directors Pertinent to the GAC:

  • The use of taxes should be fair and equitable in providing services and programs that benefit the health and welfare of citizens, as well as economic growth. The GAC will strive to understand current city/regional funding, and work with local government to highlight and mitigate impacts to the business climate.
  • The chamber and GAC will acknowledge that reasonable regulations are also necessary for a healthy economy and safe business practice.
  • The board of directors will continuously maintain its responsibility and authority to review the actions of the GAC.  The board can change or cancel the GAC’s action by a majority vote.