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Hosting a AM Networking can be a very fun and satisfying thing to do.  But if you’ve never hosted one before (even if you’ve attended dozens of them) it can be a little intimidating.  That’s where the Chamber Emcee and Greeters come in.  It’s their job to guide you to a successful Networking AM, and these helpful hints are the first step.

How do people know?  The Chamber gives our members several opportunities to find out where the AM will be held each week: the current months AM Networking’s are on the top of the weekly newsletter eblast, the Chamber website lists the AM’s far into the future as well as the message on our phone, tells everyone where we will be on Friday.

HOWEVER, it is still your event, and while the Chamber does all it can, you still need to actively tell people you will be hosting a AM Networking.  This can be accomplished by reminding people at AM’s or luncheons you attend, or mailing notices to Chamber members. Don’t forget to invite your neighbors, even if they are not members. Remember, it’s a networking event so everyone benefits from new contacts.

Attendance at AM Networking’s can range between 50 and 80.  The number varies each week, but as a rule we average 60.  It is best to plan for a large crowd and if you have food left over, your staff will love you!

My office is TOO small!  If you do not have a location that is conducive to hosting a large group of people, or you work from home and there just is not enough space, there are several locations in Tualatin that will gladly let you hold your AM at their location.  As the host you will still get all the publicity, they simply supply the space. Some options for you at little or not cost are the Tualatin Heritage Center, Tualatin Police Department, Juanity Pohl Center. If you need additional choice, the Chamber Staff or Chamber Greeters can help you choose a location.

What should I supply?

COFFEE & Food.  Since the AM’s begin early in the morning, it is traditional for the host to supply something for the attendees to munch on. You are not required to supply them with breakfast, but it’s nice to have something to eat that early in the morning, and is a nice way to welcome everyone.  It can be donuts, bagels, muffins, coffee cake, maybe some fruit for those eating healthy; your imagination is the limit.  There is always coffee with ample cream and sugar. Juice for those who don’t drink coffee is always appreciated. If appropriate these refreshments can include samples from your business.

Door Prizes.  Usually the host provides door prizes, it can be as few or as many as you wish.  We recommend something with your logo on it, or something related to you business.  Coffee mugs with candy in them are always nice.  If you have something you want to give away that is fairly expensive, you may only want to have 1 or 2, but if you want to fill up coffee mugs you might want to give away 4 – 6.  The idea is for people to remember you and your event, not for you to spend hundreds of dollars.  You will need to provide a container for attendees to put their business cards in.  You will be able to keep the business cards collected that day for followups like sending a thank you letter to attendees.

A Tour.  You might arrange tours of your business if it is appropriate or would be of interest to members.  Please arrange the tours to take place after the networking resumes approximately 8:45am.

Tables.  Ideally, you should have a table near the entrance door for Chamber name tags and materials and another table for member promotional materials and door prizes. Since handouts are not allowed to be distributed during the meeting, we need a place to put these items.

Contact.  If unable to follow through on your Friday Commitment, be certain to contact your Chamber office immediately!

It’s Friday at 7:30, now what?  The Chamber Greeter you have been working with will serve as the emcee that day.  Other Greeters will assist in greeting members, getting the self-introductions started, and holding the drawings.

7:30 am – The AM begins with 25min of networking.  People will arrive between 7:20 and 8:00 am.

7:55 am – The group is addressed, welcomed and then new member and guest introductions take place.

7:58 am – The Emcee will introduce you. You then have 10min to present your business.

8:15 am – You will draw the Business Spotlight winner (business card drawing)

8:30 am – You will draw raffle tickets for the prizes with the Emcee and Ambassador team.

8:40 am – Networking resumes with people generally leaving between 8:40 and 9:00 am.

What’s the most important thing?  HAVE FUN!  And, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your Emcee or the Tualatin Chamber staff at (503) 692-0780

Click here for a printable list of AM Networking Guidelines.

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