Tualatin Chamber Supports PCC Forward

Our public endorsement will help us build a strong showing of support for the future of PCC. During “off year” local elections, when there is far less media attention than major elections, our biggest challenge is informing hundreds of thousands of voters about what’s at stake in a short amount of time. Election Day is only […]

OregonSaves Upcoming Rulemaking

The Oregon Retirement Savings Program has filed the attached notice of proposed rulemaking hearing with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office.  This notice will appear in the September 1st Oregon Bulletin.  Also attached please find the draft new rules and rule amendments for rule numbers: 170-080-0010; 170-080-0011; 170-080-0015; 170-080-0020; 170-080-0025; 170-080-0030; 170-080-0035; 170-080-0036; 170-080-0055; and […]

IRS August Headliners & Event Updates

Here are the latest IRS News Releases and Headliners to distribute to your clients and members.  I hope that the information will be helpful and we encourage publication in your association’s magazines, newsletters, email distributions and/or website. September is National Preparedness Month.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it best: Preparedness is everyone’s job.  Service […]

2018 Business & Community Directory Magazine

It is once again Tualatin Chamber of Commerce annual Magazine time of year – the official Community & Business Magazine of Tualatin features invaluable local business and community information. Pamplin Media partners with the Tualatin Chamber to produce the annual magazine and the ad revenues directly benefit your Tualatin Chamber. 12,000 print copies are distributed to homes, […]

ODOT Solar Eclipse Travel FAQ

For all who have questions about the upcoming solar eclipse, ODOT has prepared an informative FAQ. “ODOT will have crews posted along critical travel routes to keep motorists mobile and safe, and we’ll provide travel updates via TripCheck.com and 511 so you can be prepared with the most current travel information available. This is a […]

2017 Legislative Report – Week 23

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues – The legislature is now done. The Senate adjourned at noon on Friday and the House followed suit at 3:30 Friday afternoon. This is what happened in the final week of session that will impact local business communities. Labor Bills: BOLI Overtime Fix: House Bill 3458 was negotiated and passed […]

2017 Legislative Report – Week 21

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues – Last week was a classic good news, bad news week for our businesses. The good news? The legislative leadership scrapped plans to pursue a major tax increase. At issue was House Bill 2830, which for weeks looked like it would be passed out of committee as a new gross […]

2017 Legislative Report – Week 18

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues – We continue to believe that the legislature has no real political pathway to balance the budget and finish its business in time for the July 10th constitutional deadline. There are not the votes to pass major “cuts” budgets. There are not the votes to pass meaningful cost savings legislation. […]

2017 Legislative Report – Week 16

Dear OSCC Members and Colleagues – Here’s a Week 16 recap of key issues in the Oregon legislature. The biggest issue of Week 16 was the release of the May revenue forecast, which historically has signaled the ‘home stretch’ of the legislative session. The reason the May forecast is so important is because it informs […]