No Fireworks Are Safe, Even “Innocent” Sparklers Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries

Fireworks injuries cause approximately 10,000 visits to the emergency department each year. Most of those visits involve children who suffer thousands of eye injuries.1 Though the most disabling injuries occur with illegal firecrackers, most injuries are caused by legal fireworks parents buy for their children, such as sparklers, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and Roman candles. Every […]

Summer is Coming and So Are the Visitors!

Promote your Organization and Enhance your Image NOW! The opportunity to be a part of the 2018-2020 Official, Tualatin Area Full Color Print and Interactive Map is now! The Tualatin Chamber is producing this publication which provides an updated, accurate media campaign to showcase all that there is to see and do in the Tualatin […]

June is Cataract Awareness Month

Three Things Patients Should Know About Cataracts   Approximately 25 million Americans have cataracts, which causes cloudy, blurry or dim vision and often develops with advancing age. This June, Oregon Eye Specialists joins the American Academy of Ophthalmology in observing Cataract Awareness Month by sharing three things everyone should know about the condition and its […]

Sign the Petition to End Easy Tax Hikes

Initiative Petition 31 (IP 31) reinforces the requirement that all tax increase legislation must receive a 3/5th supermajority vote from the Oregon legislature in order to be passed into law. This law has saved Oregon businesses and individuals billions in additional taxes over the past 20 years, but sadly, the legislature has begun to fund loopholes […]

Opportunity to Teach a SEED Enrichment Program Session!

The Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools invites you to submit a proposal to teach a class for the fall, spring and summer 2018-19 sessions of our SEED Enrichment Program,   Classes are on Sunday afternoons – Oct. 14-Nov. 18, Feb. 10-Mar. 17 and M-F July 15-19. Instructors do not need to be certified school teachers. SEED is a series of moderately priced enrichment […]

Special Session Update

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) provides us with regular advocacy updates: The special session only took one day. House Bill 4301 – the Governor’s bill to allow sole proprietors to take advantage of Oregon’s lower tax rates for pass-through businesses – passed the House 51-8 and passed the Senate 18-12. No other bills were considered. […]